The star of the Birds of Paradise channel, Al-Mu’tasim Miqdad, is an alien creature!

The star of the channel ” .”heavens’ Birds​” ​Al-Mu’tasim Billah Miqdadfamous for ” .”soomi“Video clips and photos on his personal page on the social networking site. So, “Asumi” appeared in one of the pictures as an alien creature, which shocked the followers. Later, it turned out that his sister, Jiti Miqdad, had taken his phone … Read more

Leaked photos of Mohamed Salah’s wife before and after the changes she made to her body

Published by the Egyptian nutrition expert and trainer ​Mina Samirpictures of wifeMohamed SalahEgyptian football star and club playerLeferballThe Englishman, before and after her commitment to a diet and training regime prepared by him. He commented on the pictures: “I am proud that I was part of the first trip to Mecca, the wife of Fakhr … Read more

Yasmine Sabry in dirty clothes and the audience commented

The pioneers of social networking sites shared a picture of the Egyptian actress Basmin Sabry in dirty clothes. In the details, Sabry appeared after she finished her usual morning sports, in dirty clothes, not because of the “sweat” after the effort she had made, but on her clothes, traces of small stains appeared, which seemed … Read more

Mohamed Salah’s wife receives an award on his behalf

The star of the English club Liverpool and the Egyptian national team was crowned football player ​Mohamed Salah​The Golden Foot Award from the Emirate of Monaco, which is an award presented by the Emirate to the greatest football players in the world who are over twenty-eight years old, based on the votes of fans around … Read more

After the news of her divorce, Sherine Abdel Wahab: She is all jealous – in the video

The Egyptian actress presentedSherine Abdel WahabNew song titled “It’s all jealousOn YouTube, from Words by Mohamed Mostafa, composed by Mahmoud Anwar, and distributed by Mohamed Magdy. Its beginning says:If I promise in one place, I am not safe from the coments, what can I do among us, six beautiful and charismatic, I enter any place … Read more

Dalida Khalil presents a high mood… and a surprise soon

The Lebanese actress presentedDalida KhalilHer new song “high moody​”, as Lebanese and Arab radio stations began broadcasting it. The song is in the Egyptian dialect, written by the poet Kamala Jalal Khair Bey and composed by Youssef Araji, Karim Taher and Badr El-Din Bou Mashwi. Surprisingly, the song was accompanied by a promotional advertisement for … Read more

Dominique Hourani is accused of insulting the Virgin, and this is how she justified her behavior

A video of the Lebanese artist appeared on social mediaDominique HouraniShe is wearing trousers with pictures of the Virgin Mary on it, which angered many. This behavior prompted Dominique to justify her behavior in a post on her personal page in which she apologized and wrote: “Sorry, I didn’t notice what the decree of this … Read more

An Egyptian actress caught her husband in her bed with another woman… and her reaction was unexpected!

The Egyptian actress topped theMary FakhreddineThe search engine a few days ago, because some people returned to a story she told, in which she revealed her husband’s betrayal of her with another woman in her bed. In the details, Maryam was going through a difficult period at the time because she did not work, so … Read more

Habiba Rahaf Al-Qunun is completely naked and shows her genitals

Few people know Habiba, the Saudi activist and social media star.Rahaf Al-Qunun​، ​Marcela Zoya​, especially since the latter presented her lover’s page to the public, in a move to push her forward among the audience. However, the surprise was that Marcela went beyond the limits of daring, especially in pornographic topics. She published her picture … Read more

Myriam Fares with two breathtaking looks!!

The Lebanese actress publishedMyriam FaresA video clip of her through her personal account on the social networking site, in which she held the breath of viewers with the beauty of her looks. In the details, Myriam appeared in a blue dress, with a large opening from the chest area that reached the navel, some of … Read more