Shatha Hassoun celebrates her birthday… and a precious gift for Jane Omran, the talk of many!

The Iraqi artist, Shatha Hassoun, celebrated her birthday in Dubai with close people, including the Saudi media, Lujain Omran. The pioneers of social networking sites shared videos from the ceremony, which Shatha had published through the “Stories” feature on her own account, in which she appeared dancing and singing in a fun atmosphere.Among the gifts … Read more

Nisreen Tafesh with a breathtaking look .. and the audience interacts

The Syrian artist publishedNisreen TafeshA recent set of photos of her through her personal account on the social networking site, in which she appeared with a breathtaking look. Nisreen Tafesh wore a short and tight dress in dark red, which caught the attention of the followers. She also left her long Wi-Fi hair hanging over … Read more

A video leaked of the Queen of Kabli without a filter while attending an event

Social media star kidnappedkabli queenAttention while attending an event in the presence of a large audience and well-known personalities. Several photos and videos of the queen were taken while she was there by the attendees who leaked them to the media in order to see her without a filter and photoshop.It turned out that the … Read more

Heba Nour grabs the attention with her sporty look

The Syrian actress was kidnappedHeba NourThe attention of the followers with a new photo that she posted on her personal page on the social networking site. Hiba wore sports clothes in bright colors and left her hair loose on her shoulders with a soft hairstyle, and her look won the admiration of a large number … Read more

O world how cruel you are

Posted by the Syrian actorAyman ZidaneThrough his personal account on the social networking site, he posted a picture and attached it to some sad cams, and worried his fans who were accustomed to him with the person who always laughed and gave a special flavor to comedy. Zidan said: “The ears of the ears were … Read more

Leaking the first picture of Adham Nabulsi’s wife!

Social media pioneers shared a picture of the retired Jordanian artist ​Adham NabulsiThrough their own pages on social media. Nabulsi appeared with a girl, who some said was his wife, who had not previously appeared in public, and did not reveal her identity, and the circulated photo received many comments, most of which came as … Read more

Nisreen Tafesh appears in a spontaneous video and dances to the tunes of the song Congratulations to you and Ali!

The Syrian artist publishedNisreen TafeshA new video clip was posted on her social media account, in which she appeared while undergoing a recent photo session. Tafesh appeared in the video, wearing a long, shiny and elegant red dress, and while she was undergoing the filming session, Nisreen Tafesh interacted and started dancing to the tunes … Read more

Asala and Faeq Hassan in a romantic state from their home in Riyadh

New pictures of the Syrian artist spreadauthenticityNasri with her husband, the Iraqi poet Faeq Hassan, via social media. In the pictures, Asala accompanied her husband from her home in a romantic state, and they seemed to be in a state of joy, and they were touring the garden on the scooter.The photos spread through social … Read more

Pictures – Haifa Wehbe ignites social media with her latest looks

The Lebanese actress publishedHaifa WahbiNew pictures of her via her social media account. In the pictures, Haifa appeared in a distinctive look, wearing a short, embroidered pink chiffon dress covered with feathers, which showed her high taste and chic, elegant heels, and relied on make-up that showed the beauty of her features, as well as … Read more

Video- Cyrine Abdel Nour with a breathtaking look.. Her dress is the talk of the followers!

The Lebanese actress publishedCyrine Abdel NourA video clip, through her personal account on the social networking site, in which she appeared with an elegant look. Abdel Nour charmed the followers with her look that swept the social media, and she deliberately wore a long black dress, revealing at the chest area, and on one side.She … Read more