The new regional wildlife plan has been launched

The Region has approved the new wildlife hunting plan, valid until 2027. And the regional councilor Cristiano Corazzari sings victory: “We reached this milestone after a long, broad and complex procedural and procedural process, which saw us all, each with respect to their role, committed to making this reality important result“. Corazzari then also wanted … Read more

The National Championships of Serie B and C, Regional of D and Division and the National Championships of the category have been suspended until Sunday 6 February

The Italian Volleyball Federation, after an in-depth analysis of sporting activity, put in great difficulty by the persistence of the current pandemic context, has deemed it appropriate to suspend all federal activities, with the exception of the Men’s and Women’s Serie A Championships, until next February 6. .This painful, but considered, choice has matured after … Read more

Last year, 14.9% fewer passengers were transported on regional buses and trains

Among them, 17.02 million passengers were transported by buses, which is 15.4% less than in 2020, while 11.04 million passengers or 14.1% less than a year earlier were transported by trains. The volume of the regional route network or bus mileage last year was 72.8 million kilometers, which is 1.5% less than in 2020. Last … Read more

Scientists determine origin of organic molecules found in a Martian meteorite in 1984

In 1984, a group of explorers discovered a rock from Mars in Antarctica that caused a stir in the scientific community, because contained organic compounds. A new study sheds light on the origin of these extraterrestrial molecules, and the surprising conclusions of the researchers were released by Sputnik. The meteorite, named Allan Hills 84001 (ALH84001), … Read more

More detailed 3D map of the universe created

By the time the scan is complete in 2026, DESI is expected to map more than 35 million galaxies, providing astronomers with a huge library of data. the astrophysicist Julien Guy, of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, has explained what DESI has managed to map thanks to its 5,000 optical fibers, each individually … Read more

China builds an ‘artificial moon’

Chinese scientists have just built an ‘artificial moon’, a research facility that will allow them to simulate low-gravity environments using magnetism. The Chinese moon will come into use this year and will use powerful magnetic fields inside a 60-centimeter-diameter vacuum chamber to make gravity “disappear,” he explains. Live Science. The chamber is the first of … Read more

Lunar magnetic mystery solved

American scientists, released through years of research, a valid explanation of the magnetic fields possessed by the moon, which in ancient times rivaled the earth. Studies from this experiment were published in the journal Nature Astronomy, and indicate that the moon possesses a kind of field generator courtesy of its own magnetic dynamo. A magnetic … Read more

RIVM: 3446 new infections, 3 regional members died

The deceased regional members came from Alblasserdam (1) and Rotterdam (2). People from Maassluis (1), Papendrecht (1), Rotterdam (1), Schiedam (1) and Zwijndrecht (1) were also admitted to the hospital. The weekly average increases to 3,277 infections per day in the past 7 days. National figures Until 10:00 this morning, 32,149 new positive tests have … Read more

Anti-Covid vaccinations, Sunday 16 January regional open day in Emilia-Romagna for the school age population 5-19 years

The vaccination campaign in Emilia-Romagna does not stop. Indeed, the Region is relaunching to protect children and young people: at the end of the week of returning to class after the Christmas holidays, it launches a open day dedicated to school age population. From Piacenza to Rimini, Sunday 16 January – for the whole day, … Read more

The Chair of the DKI DPRD Asks the Regional Secretary to Open the Salary and Allowance Figures of Governor Anies Baswedan to the Community

Chairman of the DPRD DKI Jakarta Prasetyo Edi Marsudi when met in his room, Wednesday (25/8/2021). On Tuesday (11/1/2022), Prasetyo Edi Marsudi asked the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to open the salaries and operational allowances of DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan to the public. (Source: Hasya Nindita/ JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Chairman of the DKI Jakarta … Read more