The youth emancipation rate registers the largest decrease in three decades due to Covid-19 | Economy

In the six months that separate the fourth quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of 2020, a period marked by the health and economic crisis of the coronavirus, the residential emancipation rate of the young population in Spain has decreased by 1.4 percentage points, going from 18.7% to 17.3%, according to the data presented … Read more

Covid-19 drags a record number of listed companies to losses | Companies

The outbreak of Covid in the income statements of companies listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange has been devastating. The number of companies with negative attributable profit in the first half of the year has set a record 50, 40% of the 124 that are traded on the market. The previous historical mark, of 49 … Read more

Health claims that it does not report daily data to the WHO, which registers 30,000 deaths from Covid | Economy

The Ministry of Health has ensured that it does not report daily data to the WHO, which today has estimated 29,858 deaths in Spain from covid-19 in your latest status report. The Ministry has insisted that the “official” figures on the pandemic are those provided by the autonomous communities to the Center for the Coordination … Read more

1,866 People Register to Volunteer for the Clinical Trial of the Sinovac Covid-19 Vaccine – A total of 1,866 people have registered to become volunteers in the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial in Bandung. This is in accordance with the latest data from the Padjadjaran University Research Team for the Clinical Trial of the Covid-19 Sinovac Vaccine. “As expected, the public’s interest is high. Thank God,” said Sinovac Covid-19 … Read more