Manaus City Hall announces opening of registrations for the 1st Exhibition ‘Manaus, Here Has SUS’

Manaus City Hall, through the Municipal Health Department (Semsa), announces that registration for the 1st Show “Manaus, Aqui Tem SUS” – Edition 2023 will open this Thursday, 23/3. The event, scheduled for 4/14, seeks to strengthen and give visibility to the innovative experiences developed in the Unified Health System (SUS), at the municipal level. The … Read more

New registrations of electric cars January 2023 | CAR ENGINE AND SPORT

After the crash at the beginning of the year, electric cars can catch up again in February. Registration numbers are going up, but the German auto industry doesn’t stand a chance against Elon Musk. The electric car market is coming back to life. After only around 18,000 new registrations in January, things looked more forgiving … Read more

New registrations for Bolsa Família are open for irregular insured persons

O Bolsa Familia fine-tooth comb will run until end of March. However, about 2.5 million beneficiaries were identified with strong signs of irregularities. These people will have the chance to opt out of receiving the benefit voluntarily. New registrations for Bolsa Família are open for irregular insured persons. (Image: FDR) Voluntary withdrawal from Bolsa Família … Read more

Força Nacional do SUS has more than 33,000 registrations for new volunteers; find out who can participate — Ministry of Health

Since the early hours of this Tuesday (24), professionals from the National Force of the SUS have been working intensely to reinforce care for the indigenous Yanomami population in Boa Vista (RR), after the diagnosis of the serious situation of humanitarian crisis experienced by the original peoples in the region. . Until 4:30 pm this … Read more

How many people died in China?The number of canceled household registrations in various places has doubled | CCP virus | Chinese epidemic | New crown virus

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, January 26, 2023]China epidemiclead todeath tollsoaring.It has been reported that in the past two months,Cancellation of household registrationThe number has increased by 3 to 5 times than usual, especially in second- and third-tier cities. In December last year, the CCP suddenly prevented and controlled the epidemic without any preparations, … Read more

Lung cancer, free screening to «Pope John»: registrations are underway

Pope John XXIII of Bergamo has been given the opportunity to participate in the first national screening program for the early diagnosis of lung cancer . Subjects between the ages of 55 and 75, heavy smokers or who have quit for less than 15 years and in possession of specific requisites can register to undergo … Read more

Tens of thousands of registrations for lung cancer population screening | Interior

Animo much bigger than expected ROTTERDAM – The enthusiasm to participate in a population screening for lung cancer is much greater than expected, says researcher Carlijn van der Aalst of Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Tens of thousands of people have registered for the trial so far, thousands of whom are eligible.

Open the secret of ‘Mr. P’, adhere to ethical business principles – spend 40 million in the auction of car registrations

Open the trick ‘Mr. P’ adheres to the principles of conducting business – throwing 40 million in the car registration auction Reveal the secret of a young billionaire businessman named “Mr. P” Acting Second Lieutenant Phon Trisukkasem who uses the principles of Buddhism. Live and do business Willing to pay more than 40 million baht … Read more

Alianza Lima, transfers: registrations, cancellations, rumors and latest news from the blue and white team for League 1 and the Copa Libertadores 2023 | FOOTBALL-PERUVIAN

The mission to excel in the 2023 season is a priority for Lima Alliance. The blue and white box has begun to move in the transfer market both in departures and arrivals. Facing League 1 and the Copa Libertadores generates the need for a large squad with spare parts. Another detail to highlight is that … Read more

Musk: Record new Twitter registrations, EU warns Twitter – IT-Business

Twitter CEO Elon Musk is trying to do something positive to counter the ever-growing mountain of negative news about his newly acquired social media platform. On Saturday, the “Chief Twit” published a presentation with selected performance metrics on Twitter. Meanwhile, the EU Commission has announced in a statement that it will not take Twitter’s chaotic … Read more