Instagram CEO Outspoken Regrets Copying TikTok

RIAU24.COM – Some time ago many creators protested the new look Instagram similar TikTok. Two world celebrities who also complain that Instagram is becoming more and more like TikTok are sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Now, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri has revealed his biggest regret last year. According to him, the platform puts more … Read more

Being the Only Passenger, This Man Regrets Buying Business Class Seats

Sydney – After the pandemic, many people returned to vacation. To anticipate a full plane, this man upgraded his seat to business class but instead regretted it. Reported from Star DailyRobbie Allen is a tourist origin Sydney, Australia. He plans to go on vacation Fiji Island in the South Pacific. Using Virgin Airlines, Allen believes … Read more

“I tried to stop the person running at the last train” BreakingDown contestants’ plan was flooded with criticism… The person himself has no regrets: J-CAST News[Full text]

A video posted by Kenjiro Higa and Yoshihiro Higa, a duo of TikTokers “Twin Ken & Yoshi” who participated in the martial arts event “Breaking Down 6”, has caused controversy. “Twins tried to stop people running just before the last train because it was dangerous” (from [email protected]) “If you do this just before the last … Read more

This Man Regrets Calling a Rp. 70,000 Starbucks Tumbler and His Mother Asks for 5 Fruits

Jakarta – Drinks or Starbucks tumblers are expensive, the cheapest is IDR 300,000. This man regretted saying that the price was IDR 70,000 and his mother asked him to buy it. Starbucks is the most famous coffee shop in the world. The menu choices are varied and are a favorite of many people. Apart from … Read more

Verona, rider pedals tens of kilometers for a delivery, the customer regrets

In the evening and in the middle of January a young man rider he traveled several kilometers – perhaps twenty – by bicycle in the Veronese area to bring dinner to Andrea Bassi, former regional councilor of the League and then in the Brothers of Italy, who resigned in 2021 as city councilor to return … Read more

Maryla Rodowicz regrets one thing. “It was a very dramatic scene”

Alicja Węgorzewska asked Rodowicz if she regretted leaving so much. The star replied yes. – I regret… There were very dramatic scenes when my 4-year-old son stood in the doorway and said: “You will not come out”. I had to leave with my suitcase packed. He was getting hysterical. Horrible. He never brought it up … Read more

Monika Obara played Elka in “M jak miłość”. What happened next, he regrets to this day. How is she?

Monika Obara she was years ago a promising actress and rising star “M like love”. In the series, she played the role of Elka and quickly gained the favor of the viewers, and many predicted her a fruitful career in show business. Although she soon began to be successful also on theater boards, in 2007 … Read more

Ahmed Adam responds to Menna Shalaby: I am the one who regrets having worked with you

Despite the solidarity of most art stars with the artist Minnah Shalabi After her recent crisis, the face of the artist Ahmad Adam A sharp criticism of her, confirming his remorse for cooperating with her starring in an “Indian movie”, after a story that happened twenty years ago was leaked, behind the scenes of filming … Read more

Tattooed Messi on his forehead after the World Cup: “Regrets me”

Colombian influencer Maicol Quinonez – nicknamed Mike Jambs – was so delighted with Argentina’s World Cup victory that he chose to tattoo team captain Lionel Messi’s name on his forehead. Now he regrets it, writes the Daily Mail. He says that both he and his family have received a lot of “negativity” after the tattoo. … Read more

Bertrand Chameroy regrets his return to Cyril Hanouna

It is now well established in “C to you”, on France 5, where he hosts a daily column and Bertrand Chameroy can now return with more serenity to his years with Cyril Hanouna. He who participated in Do not touch My TVfrom 2012, announced 4 years later that he was leaving the entertainment show. To … Read more