Big S’s mother said that Gu Junye was a qualified son-in-law Wang Xiaofei. She regretted that she didn’t have a call on Mother’s Day this year_Daughter_He Hui_Interview

2022-05-13 14:38 source:Sohu Entertainment Original title: Big S mother said that Gu Junye is a qualified son-in-law Wang Xiaofei Sohu Entertainment News Recently, a Taiwanese media gave an exclusive interview to Big S’s mother. When asked how much she would give her new son-in-law, she replied, “Look at how much my daughter laughs.” At the … Read more

Blanka Lipińska FORGIVENED THE CHEILE! She quickly regretted this decision

Blanka Lipińska continues to celebrate the movie’s commercial success 365 days: This Day. Immediately after the premiere of “the work” she went with her friend to Monte Carlo, and later moved to Greece. The writer rests in a luxurious hotel, accessible only to adults. Blania I honestly admit that I don’t mind visiting it. He … Read more

They asked the star Hussein Fahmy about the woman he loved and regretted the most.. He replied without hesitation.. You wouldn’t expect who she would be?

2022/04/23 It’s 03:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Egyptian star Hussein Fahmy talked about the only woman he regretted because of his love for a woman and his failure to marry her. During his earlier meeting with Samar Yousry on her program “I and I” broadcast on “ON E” channel, Fahmy explained that he … Read more

Tuchel regretted the worst first half, we continued the match with Brentford

For Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel, Wednesday’s performance in the opening match of the Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid (1: 3) was a big disappointment. After the 1: 4 league debacle with rookie Brentford, the “Blues” did not manage another domestic duel and, according to the German coach, showed the worst first half since his … Read more

James 38+8 thick eyebrows 23+12 CJ scored 32 points, the Lakers regretted the Pelicans_Ingram_NBA_Spurs

Original title: James 38 + 8 thick eyebrows 23 + 12 CJ scored 32 points, the Lakers regretted the Pelicans On April 2, Beijing time, the 2021-22 NBA regular season continued, and Los Angeles Lake ushered in a key battle with the New Orleans Pelicans at home. After the game, the Lakers lost 111-114 to … Read more

Who is the actress who regretted your bold scenes with her?? Hassan Youssef answered with boldness and shocked everyone.. Who are you??

2022/03/28 It’s 04:40 AM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Hassan Youssef, stressed that he does not accept any work that is currently offered to him, because he seeks to preserve his artistic history. In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Hassan Youssef said that he was recently offered a business, but he did … Read more

Sobchak regretted that she worked a lot in vain in Russia and saved up for the future

The journalist worries about her future.At the end of February, many celebrities packed their bags and urgently went abroad under the pretense of a long-planned family vacation. TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak was also suspected of the same, who said that she had flown on vacation with her 5-year-old son to Istanbul, and then she was … Read more

Dynamo owes a great first third to the match. We fell asleep again, regretted the Karlovy Vary coach

During it, he gained a three-goal lead, from which Energie began to cut in the last act and the home team’s peace brought only the second goal of Adam Musil in the match, seven seconds before the end in the opponent’s power play. “The first period was really great. Our whole team had an excellent … Read more

A famous artist appeared completely without clothes, with the most scandalous scene and a cunning trick by the director.. Learn the story of the only movie that she regretted and wished to delete forever!

2022/02/22 12:50 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite She appeared for the first time in cinema when she was six years old in the movie (Supremat newspaper). She worked in the prime of her life as an air hostess and model, then she turned to film work in the late 1960s, In the seventies, she … Read more

Zabystřan believed in a sensational medal. And during the hundredth I was on the ground, I regretted it

The combination of downhill skiers at the Beijing Olympics could have ended with a big medal surprise. Jan Zabystřan wanted to attack the podium in the slalom after the ninth place in the downhill, but he ended up on the sun-drenched slope in Yenching shortly after the start on the ground and his desire vanished. … Read more