My professional period in victory I deeply regretted (video)

date of publication: November 10, 2021 6:13 GMT Update date: November 10, 2021 8:55 GMT Nayef Hazazi, the former star of Al-Ittihad and Al-Nasr, recalled his memories of his transfer to “Al-Alame” from the youth, and how he was close to Al-Hilal, stressing his great regret for playing with Al-Nasr. Hazazi said in televised statements, … Read more

Khairiya Al-Bashlawi: I regretted my conversation with Ahmed Zaki | news

Khairiya Al-Bashlawi confirmed that as a critic, she refused to talk to artists, but because of her admiration for Ahmed Zaki’s talent, she asked for a dialogue with him, which was welcomed by the late artist. In her honor symposium, which was moderated by the critic Intisar Dardeer, with the participation of director Inaam Muhammad … Read more

‘Super Band 2’ The Wales, a stage that was regretted by Jo Ki-hoon’s absence

‘Super Band 2’ ‘Super Band 2’ The Wales was disappointed with the absence of drummer Jo Ki-hoon. On the 13th episode of JTBC’s ‘Super Band 2’, which aired on the 27th, the first round of the final 6 teams was drawn. This time, I was with 200 members of the untact judging team. The first … Read more

I just regretted knowing, it turns out that gray hair can be lost without using anything, just do this easy thing, black hair is guaranteed to come back! – All Pages

Tribun news Stress management of fear from the news of the corona virus outbreak GridStar.ID – Gray hair is one of the most common hair problems. Especially for those who are young but already have gray hair. We know, gray hair makes us look old. Also Read: New Regret to Know! Still Looks Beautiful and … Read more

I just regretted knowing, this woman was surprised that her weight had dropped drastically in a week, just drinking this potion didn’t need diet and exercise – All Pages This Japanese-style diet technique is easy to do in just 5 minutes! GridStar.ID – The ideal weight is everyone’s dream. Especially women who care about appearance. Diet and exercise is a way to lose weight. Also Read: I’m sorry I just found out, it turns out that you can stay young just by putting … Read more

In the past, Qin Han regretted his marriage and carried a bad name to the mistress!20 years of miserable love. Lin Qingxia sighed: once in a lifetime is enough

Brigitte Lin and the Qin and Han dynasties have been entangled for 20 years, but they still have no relationship with each other. In the end, Brigitte Lin married Hong Kong rich businessman Xing Liyuan. (Picture/Zhongshi data photo, flip photo on Weibo) A+ A- In the early years of Taiwan’s film industry, Lin Qingxia, a … Read more

Internet celebrities are addicted to plastic surgery!After taking 400 bottles of hyaluronic acid, she regretted it

Internet celebrity “Peach Blossom Baby” is addicted to plastic surgery. (Photo/Reversed from the Weibo of Xiaoxian’s Daughter of Jiuyu) A+ A- Modern people love beauty and become obsessed. In order to be beautiful, many people even do everything they can to make it beautiful, but if it is too much, it will be counterproductive. Li … Read more

I just regretted knowing that the KN95 mask can be used repeatedly and doesn’t break the bag, check out these tips from Doctor Faheem Younus – All Pages

pixabay Even though it’s expensive, wearing a KN95 mask can be more economical with this recommendation from doctor Faheem Younus, what are you doing? GridPop.ID – During this pandemic, people are required to implement and comply with health protocols. One of the health protocols that must be carried out is to use face mask when … Read more

LOH 2021 Tokyo | Terrible flight! Like kicking a penalty kick in football, the Czech national team regretted the collapse

The Czech national team member Jakub Tomeček had to fight for the skeet finals. Alex Brandon, ČTK / AP “Being the first footnote after such a failure is painful,” said the 30-year-old Czech national team member, who had significantly improved his 19th place in London in 2012, but was consumed by the thought that he … Read more

I just regretted knowing, although the benefits are almost the same as the Covid-19 vaccine, consuming too much vitamin D can actually be poison! Vitamin D is indeed useful for increasing immunity so as to avoid exposure to the Corona virus. However, this is a dangerous effect if consumed in excess. Grid.ID Reporter, Ragillita Desyaningrum Grid.ID – In order to increase immunity during a pandemic, the community is very concerned about vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is needed … Read more