The prosecution tasked the security forces with identifying those accused of the attack on Reham Saeed

Subscribe to receive the most important news On Monday, the El Alamein Prosecution office in Alexandria mandated the security services to intensify their efforts to uncover the circumstances of the insult of 6 young media professionals, Reham Saeed, after refusing to photograph them on one of the beaches of Marina with “sea clothes”. The prosecution … Read more

The prosecution is listening to the words of Reham Saeed in the “Marina Youth” incident

Subscribe to receive the most important news The media, Reham Saeed, released, on Monday, a record of registration number 87 for the year 2020 Marina administrators, on the fact that a group of young people tried to photograph and harass her and her family in beachwear. Abdel-Moneim El-Terras, deputy prosecutor of El Alamein, listened to … Read more

Reham Saeed publishes pictures of the molesters on the beach .. and tells new details about the incident

The media, Reham Saeed, published a set of photos through her Instagram account of some young people who verbally abused her after she refused to photograph them. Reham Saeed wrote: “Please allow a needy person to submit an official statement of the interior and show them that my right will not be lost, as they … Read more

Reham Hajjaj for betraying Will Smith’s wife: We are the only people who cursed him with the dirtiest insults

The actress, Reham Hajjaj, criticized all those who insulted international star Will Smith and his family, after his wife’s recent confessions of her betrayal with singer Augusta Elsena, during their separation in 2018. Hajjaj wrote through her personal account on Facebook, a publication in which to criticize the way the Egyptians addressed the issue and … Read more