Jean-Luc Reichmann “12 strokes of noon” moved, happy, after a huge surprise from a famous host!

On July 28, in the TF1 program “les 12 coups de midi”, Jean-Luc Reichmann was very touched by a surprise made by an important television personality. Indeed, one of his favorite hosts made an unexpected appearance during the recording of the show. Jean-Luc Reichmann loved it. During the first part of the game “12 blows … Read more

Jean-Luc Reichmann “12 strokes of noon” takes a huge turn with this radical decision!

Jean-Luc Reichmann and the production of Twelve noon shots announces great news for the return to school which risks disappointing a large number of fans of the show, but which the famous host of TF1 fully and fully assumes in order to protect everyone! While the pandemic crisis in the covid-19 had shut down the … Read more

Jean Luc Reichmann at the heart of a huge controversy, “the favorite of the French”, shady elimination, trickery on TF1!

For many years now, Jean-Luc Reichmann has been one of the most popular presenters on French television. With his good humor and his sense of derision, he has many fans. His program, “les 12 coups de midi” is widely watched. Yet Jean-Luc Reichmann is at the heart of a storm. A controversy makes him very … Read more