Emirates reimbursed $ 1.4 billion to customers

Emirates, the largest airline in the Middle East, announced on Monday that it had reimbursed customers $ 1.4 billion following flight cancellations due to Covid-19. Almost 90% of requests have now been processed. “Emirates reveals that it has repaid more than 5 billion dirhams”, or 1.4 billion dollars (1.28 billion francs at the current rate), … Read more

Victims of sexual violence will be reimbursed for medical costs during the trial | NOW

A trial in which the medical costs of victims of sexual violence are reimbursed, starts on Tuesday. For this, they must report to the Center for Sexual Violence (CSG) within seven days, the Ministries of Justice and Security and Public Health, Welfare and Sport said Monday. The medical costs are now covered by the deductible … Read more

still having difficulty getting reimbursed in the event of a canceled flight

Millions of flights have been canceled since March 20 and the start of the coronavirus crisis. In theory, reimbursement of the cost of the ticket for a canceled flight is guaranteed and is automatic, within 7 days. But this deadline has, in many cases, been greatly exceeded. Companies are pulled ears to reimburse or refuse … Read more