Shaman Ivo Puriņš comments on Laura Reinika’s criticism of his participation in “Psychic Battles” – Celebrities

I’m watching the new “Psychic Battles”. As the Latvian psychic Ivo appears, comic music is always put in the background right away. Always … 🙉😎 It is often said that the key is to participate … But was it necessary this time? 🤔 – Lauris Reiniks (@LaurisReiniks) August 5, 2020 As Puriņš explains to the … Read more

EXCLUSIVE⟩ Shaman Ivo Puriņš comments on Laura Reinika’s critical words about his participation in “Psychic battles” – Celebrities – – Entertainment

Homemade shaman Ivo Puriņš last year participated in the show “Psychic fights”. Currently, the program can be watched on television screens. While watching the show, the singer Lauris Reiniks devoted quite critical words to the Latvian representative on Twitter, but Puriņš did not remain in debt. “I don’t read social networks. In any case, it … Read more