They reinvent the Barranquilla Carnival to celebrate it for 365 days on television, radio and digital media – In Spanish

The production of this edition of the Carnival began in March 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic began in various countries. “This atypical Carnival, and let’s say that we are not celebrating because we undoubtedly live some very particular moments as humanity, began to take shape with much anticipation. Since the quarantine began, it was a … Read more

UC Theater School – Ramón Núñez: “I had to reinvent myself in the pandemic and fortunately it turned out well”

With almost five decades as an academic at the UC Theater School, the actor and National Performing Arts Award winner talks about the premiere of three historic works of his at Escenix and how it was to adapt his classes to these times. The last time Ramón Núñez went to see a play at UC … Read more

A tea for each chakra and how to reinvent yourself after a hinge moment

In 2012 Luciana was diagnosed with breast cancer and as a result of this crisis she found an opportunity to become her own client. This is how he began to have a greater record of what he felt and needed, among them he began to drink a lot of green tea; Thus arose the desire … Read more

Film festivals reinvent themselves (by force)

What is the function of a film festival today? The pandemic forced its organizers to seek answers in 2020 and, from the outset, it seems that streaming is also imposing its law here. From the outset, the Berlinale in 2021 has been reduced to little more than a few days ‘online’. Considering that the pandemic … Read more

Broker Tools: How to Reinvent the Insurance Office in the Perfect Storm

We offer you the 12th and last chapter of the Broker Management Tools collection, prepared by Summa, which addresses «How to reinvent the insurance office in the perfect storm». Disruption 1: By some estimates, we have advanced ten years in consumer and business digital penetration in less than three months. Disruption 2: In the coming … Read more

reinvent horizons to be closer to the public

Confident that 2021 will be a year to reaffirm our strength as a society both in mind and body, as well as in spirit, Thalía affirms that although the entertainment world was completely transformed during the previous months, for this year better things will come, and the The help of technology will be very important … Read more

Iberia is already looking to reinvent itself: it asks to look at Asia and “a new tourism model” | Airline News, rss1

The Corporate Director of Iberia, Juan Cierco, has assured after receiving an award from prnoticias that the airline advocates a new focus that goes through looking more at Asia and Africa instead of so much exposure to Latin America, while defending that “Spain change your tourism model ”(The Government and Iberia cling to the ambiguity … Read more

# CES2021 | Brands need to reinvent themselves, not just digitize their presence

The # CES2021, the world’s largest tech trade show, which brings together 175,000 people in Las Vegas each year, will be fully virtual for the first time. For the exhibiting brands, this is a major challenge! ➡ How will they adapt to this new virtual event? ➡ So far in 2020 we have mainly witnessed … Read more

The theater tries to reinvent itself from the schools: how to make a ‘choral’ art more individual

CASTELLÓ. Three months ago most theater schools started their new course. With the arrival of September and the return of the academic calendar, both public and private centers were encouraged to start what was going to be a year of great challenges. And it is that theater schools, like dance schools, ran into a great … Read more

María Barcia, the Asturian woman who was turned into an influencer by an illness

Five years ago, the Oviedo Maria Barcia he found himself, face down, in front of a closed door: a disease, the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, forced her to quit her job. That diagnosis was a hard blow, but far from bending her, it prompted her to desperately search for a way forward. At first she … Read more