Online entertainment and new opportunities: art also reinvented itself in Mendoza – ECOCUYO

The quarantine kicked the board in all sectors and art was no exception. Appealing to creativity, local artists renewed their entertainment proposals to bring joy and humor to homes at this particular time. Agustín Saitta is an architect and professional magician. During the quarantine he took the opportunity to resume the magic that had been … Read more

He belongs to Comodoro, he played in the first of River and today he reinvented his life: Franco Miranda in ADNSUR sports – ADNSur

Marcelo Fuentes started the impressive defender in professionalism when he was counting on him for the squad that was later played by Nacional “B”. However, this man from Como, who started playing naps in his LU4 neighborhood, knew that he could do more and they gave him the chance, that’s how he got to River, … Read more