COVID “explosion” in North Korea, the country that rejects the vaccine

North Korea is going through its worst moment since the start of the pandemic, in terms of COVID-19 infection numbers. The country headed by Kim Jong-un has notified the death of 27 people due to the pathogen, as well as the increase in positive cases. As reported by the ‘KCNA’ news agency, the accumulated number … Read more

The NHL offers the Czech Republic a hockey delicacy. The union raises its hands and rejects the great entertainment

Source: Minnesota Wild COMMENTARY – Have you ever imagined that matches with the absolute best hockey players in the world would be played in the Czech Republic? Something like Nagano at the Olympics or Toronto at the World Cup? Then believe that it is possible. The Czech Republic received a unique offer. But… The union … Read more

Brazil Rejects US Request to Boost Oil Production

loading… US efforts to suppress oil prices by asking Brazil to boost production have failed. Photo/Illustration/Reuters RIO DE JANEIRO – The United States (US) government’s request to Brazil’s state-owned oil company, Petrobras, to increase production to suppress the rise in post-Russian-Ukrainian crude oil prices was rejected. Citing Reuters on Wednesday (11/5/2022), three sources with information … Read more

Colonel Priyanto’s Defense: Rejects Charges of Premeditated Murder of Couples to Feel Guilty Smears TNI’s Name Page all

JAKARTA, – Colonel Infantry Priyanto, the defendant who hit and dumped a couple Handi Saputra (17) and Salsabila (14), has submitted a plea agreement or a memorandum of defense against the prosecutor’s demands. The memorandum of defense was read from the courtroom of the High Military Court II, Cakung, East Jakarta, Tuesday (10/5/2022). Meanwhile, … Read more

Reforms, the House rejects the proposal on presidentialism – Politics

The draft law on presidentialism “is entirely rejected”: Vice-President Ettore Rosato announced it in the Chamber with the approval of all the amendments to the text following which the final vote was not passed. Presidentialism, Meloni: ‘Today the proposal in the classroom, let’s see who is there’ The starting positions were confirmed in the vote: … Read more

Hamas Rejects Bennett’s Claim of Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem

loading… Hamas troops hold a parade in the Gaza Strip. Photo/REUTERS GAZA LINE – Hamas rejects statements made by Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Naftali Bennett claiming Israel’s “sovereignty” over Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In a statement, member of the Political Bureau of Hamas, Izzat Al Risheq, asserted, “This statement is a horrific violation of … Read more

ECtHR rejects Chechen family’s complaint against Latvia for refusal to enter the country – Criminal reports – News – TVNET

The ECtHR also noted that the conduct of the applicants themselves was of great importance in assessing the rights guaranteed by the Convention. Turning to the facts of the case, the ECtHR concluded that in the present case there was no dispute that on 24 November 2017 the VRS officials had properly identified the applicants … Read more

Whoever rejects the embargo on Russian oil is, according to Kiev, Russia’s accomplice

“If one of the European countries continues to reject the Russian oil embargo, I think this is a good reason to say that this country is involved in crimes committed by Russia on Ukrainian territory,” Kuleba said, adding that such a country is on Russia’s side. Kuleba added that he welcomed another round of anti-Russian … Read more

Judge rejects Amber Heard’s request to annul the Depp case and orders its full continuation

The request that Amber Heard and his team of lawyers had done yesterday before the court has been completely denied, something that has not pleased the controversial actress in the least. Amber Heard’s defense asked the judge Penney Azcarate, case manager, to dismiss the suit after Depp’s lawyers upheld their case through three weeks of … Read more

The Kremlin rejects intelligence report on parade plans in Mariupol on 9 May

It reports the news agency Reuters. May 9 is in Russia one of the most important days of the year, and marks the victory over Germany after World War II. Ukrainian intelligence thus claims that Russia is planning to hold a parade in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol on this date. They also claim that … Read more