“Captain Crespo” turned himself in and the case has no relation to Ayotzinapa, says his lawyer

CITY OF MEXICO (appro) .- The captain Jos Martnez Crespo, which has been mentioned as part of the investigations of the Ayotzinapa case, negotiated his surrender to face a single crime: organized crime in its modality of crimes against health. The condition for its delivery was from demand to guarantee your safety, explicitly requesting to … Read more

The link between laboratory and hospital is “closer than ever” in relation to cancer

MADRID, 13 Nov. (EUROPA PRESS) – Cooperative research groups on breast cancer have “clearly” raised the level of clinical research in Spain and, currently, the link between laboratory and hospital is “closer than ever”, according to the head of Oncology at the Hospital Virgen del Rocío University of Seville and member of SOLTI, Dr. Javier … Read more

Larreta: “We are going to look house to house for the boys who had no relation to the school” | Chronicle

The head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, stated this Friday that “90 percent of the boys in the city were in virtual connection with their schools“, and announced that a search program will be implemented “house by house” to children who had contact with educational establishments. “There are 500 thousand boys who … Read more

Venezuela.- Leopoldo López Gil accuses Borrell of “despising” the European Parliament in relation to the mission to Venezuela

01/11/2020 Cuca Gamarra, Leopoldo López Gil and José Ignacio Ceniceros at the headquarters of the PP in La Rioja POLITICS SPAIN EUROPE LA RIOJA POPULAR PARTY MADRID, 15 (EUROPA PRESS) The MEP of the PP Leopoldo López Gil, father of the Venezuelan opposition received at the Spanish Embassy in Caracas, has written a letter to … Read more

“In relation to the President of the Republic, the Caliph wants everyone to know that …”

On the occasion of the preparatory Crd for the Grand magal of Touba which was held this Wednesday in Diourbel, the Caliph General of the Mourides, through his spokesperson, warmly thanked the President of the Republic for the many efforts made in terms of investment in relation to the correct water supply for the pilgrims … Read more

Relation clients : Apple Business Chat arrive chez Zendesk

Zendesk announced Apple Business Chat integration to its customer support solutions. Concretely, companies who want to answer questions from their customers or visitors to their website, can do so by suggesting that the discussion be done through Messages. Zendesk provides technical support platforms for customer relations, as well as the integration of the main messaging … Read more

Corona: Relation to Vitamin D Levels and Mortality?

30 studies have analyzed nutritionists from the German University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart and produced a finding that could be relevant for the treatment of Covid-19: A lack of vitamin D was associated with more severe courses. The study authors therefore conclude that a vitamin D deficit could serve as a possible indicator of the … Read more

“There will never be peace possible”: Laura Smet clarifies things about her relationship with Laeticia Hallyday

While the daughter and widow of Johnny had announced that they had found a final agreement on the singer’s heritage, things did not seem peaceful. On July 3, the two Hallyday clans seemed to have put an end to the conflict which had opposed them for more than two years. That day, Laeticia Hallyday’s lawyer … Read more