The skull of a young Homo naledi relaunches an evolutionary enigma –

The discovery of a child’s skull in a cave in South Africa, announced Thursday, relaunches the enigma around the cousins ​​of the current human. The first proofs of the existence of these beings, baptized Homo naledi, had called into question the theories on Evolution. The child was probably between four and six years old. Twenty-eight … Read more

Parcel shipments, boom in Genoa: + 17%. Poste Italiane relaunches and hires 157 young people

Lorenzo Lombardo, 27, newly hired postman Emails have supplanted letters but freight deliveries are on the rise. New contracts in the next three years. The CGIL: “Stabilization first” Bruno Viani 20 October 2021 Genoa – We will all be buried by a sea of ​​mail, immaterial correspondence, but the traditional mail made of paper, parcels … Read more

The Super League relaunches and in a letter attacks UEFA and PSG

The European Super League is back in office, a few hours after the Spanish government officially declared its opposition to its creation. On the night of the Champions League – writes the Spanish site Mark – a document has been leaked with which the tournament promoters aim to indulge in one “Second chance”. «The project … Read more

Mancini relaunches Italy: “We’ll win three and we’re at the World Cup”

REGGIO EMILIA – The sunburn still hurts two draws with Bulgaria and Switzerland. For tomorrow evening with Lithuania Mancini dictates very clear rules and explains that the pessimism about qualifying for the World Cup has no reason to be: “Are the fans agitated? lost four points that it was not right to lose. But a … Read more

Portaltic.-Tinder relaunches its Work Mode to use in the office from the computer

MADRID, 6 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) – The dating app Tinder has relaunched its Work Mode, with a new version for 2021 that allows searching for ‘matches’ and responding to messages but with which it is possible hide the interface when other people approach. Tinder’s Work Mode was originally created in 2017, and the application has decided … Read more

In Belgium, Bart De Wever relaunches his separatist project

Bart De Wever revives the myth of Thiois nationalism, which advocates the creation of a single country based on the Dutch language. PICASA 2.0 / HENDRIK DACQUIN-FLICKR-CC The moment was not chosen at random: on July 20, on the eve of the Belgian National Day, Bart De Wever, president of the Alliance néoflamande (N-VA) and … Read more

Nokia relaunches the 3310, version 2.0 (well almost)

If some still remember today with a certain emotion the indestructible Nokia 3310 of their adolescence, HMD Global has just formalized the launch of a new smartphone, which claims to be “the toughest Nokia ever“. A smartphone called Nokia XR20 which promises performance and durability. The best Android smartphones A new ultra-resistant smartphone from Nokia … Read more

Microsoft relaunches the mythical Windows XP wallpaper, now with more flowers and details

Picture: Microsoft Microsoft has published a hyper-realistic render of the mythical windows xp wallpaper as part of a new set of backgrounds for Microsoft Teams. The new set of backgrounds It’s called “Nostalgia” and it’s inspired by some of the most iconic elements of Windows, including the famous Windows XP wallpaper. Although the real “Bliss” … Read more

Fedez against the Vatican, his song with Achille Lauro and Orietta Berti relaunches the drink ‘disgusted’ by CR7 | First page

Today Uefa said no to the request for the lighting of the Munich stadium with the colors of the rainbow for Germany-Hungary tomorrow evening. Yesterday the hashtag #iononminginocchio went in trend on social media, where Italians are divided on the choice of national team players to join or not the gesture in support of the … Read more