Diego Rebagliati ruled on an alleged letter so that there is no relegation in League 1

Before the end date of the Phase 2 has had quite a critical climate, with rumors about an alleged letter that was sent to the FPF so that two declines are canceled, a situation that was analyzed by the commentator Diego Rebagliati. “This is not born from Alianza, Alianza has been used. This arises from … Read more

Specialists in relegation: The players who lost the category the most times

The decline in football is usually one of the worst moments in the career of any player, not only because of downgrading, but also because of the economic loss it represents. Around the world, there are several footballers who have descended on more than one occasion. Players with the most relegations in the history of … Read more

Barcelona could not with El Nacional, which is complicated by relegation

Barcelona was close to beating The National, but only drew 1-1, the night of this November 15 at the Atahualpa stadium, at the end of the seventh date of the second stage of LigaPro. The golero Leodán ChaláWith his timely actions, he prevented the bullfighting team from emerging victorious at the Olympic, especially in the … Read more

FC Barcelona | the day Lionel Messi saved the Catalan team from relegation | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

Updated 10/26/2020 at 5:35 PM Lionel Messi it has been an important piece Barcelona over and over again in the last 15 years. Since he debuted with the Blaugrana shirt, he has made his way to become a legend of the Barcelona team. Although in his passage through the first division he was always used … Read more

The unknown story of the day Lionel Messi saved Barcelona from relegation

The 2003/04 season marked a before and after in the life of Lionel Messi Lionel Messi is and will be a legend for world football but above all for the FC Barcelona, a club in which he trained as a professional footballer passing through the different categories until he established himself as the first team … Read more

Decentralized: League 1: FPF reported relegation of three teams and not four in the tempor

Updated 09/05/2020 at 3:52 PM The Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) decided to make changes to the regulations of the League 1 and determined that four teams will no longer be relegated at the end of the campaign. The body also established that there will only be one promotion of League 2. In this way, the … Read more

Bundesliga: Ried seeks defense for “relegation ghost”

The comeback season in the Bundesliga after relegation in 2017 is also approached defensively in the Innviertel from the play area. Although they conceded the third few goals in the Hpybet 2. Liga last season with 39 after Austria Klagenfurt and Vorwärts Steyr (36 each), according to Baumgartner there is a harsher wind blowing in … Read more

Uldriķis’ “Sion” loses and returns to the relegation zone

Roberts Uldriķis | Foto: FC “Sion” The Swiss super league team “Sion”, represented by Latvian football team forward Robert Uldrikis, failed in the penultimate game of the season on Friday, as a result of which they had to return to the relegation zone. At home, Sion gave in 0: 1 (0: 1) to the championship … Read more

Struber fights with tears after relegation fight: “Team is a role model for football”

What Gerhard Struber and Co. experienced yesterday evening can hardly be put into words. After Salzburg took over the relegation-threatening team from Barnsley in November, the “Tykes” just managed the turnaround with a spectacular 2-1 win at Brentford in the last minute and are allowed to stay in the league thanks to support from bankruptcy-threatened … Read more