Muslim leaders criticize the president of France for remarks after the murder of professor | Video

A day after Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan said that French President Emmanual Macron should seek “mental treatment” for the way he threatens Muslims in France, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also criticized to the French president. Khan said Sunday that the last thing the world wants or needs is further polarization and that public statements … Read more

Remarks unworthy of Blanquer: SUD Education supports UNEF

Jean-Michel Blanquer denounced, in the press as in the National Assembly, “Islamo-leftism” which would “wreak havoc on the university.” He particularly attacked the UNEF. This type of unworthy remarks which occupy the media space at all hours and on all antennas, are all the more serious as the extreme right-wing groups who act more and … Read more

Macri remarks to Larreta that the strategy is not moderation

Mauricio Macri He returned this week fully to the political arena. He did it with an agenda loaded with interviews with like-minded journalists (Joaquin Morales Solá was the first), a book on the horizon (his own “Sincerely” in which the former Minister of Culture works, Pablo Avelluto), and seeking to claim ownership of the flags. … Read more

Coinbase Reports 60 Employees Resign Following Brian Armstrong’s Remarks

By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel In this regard, the CEO of Coinbase He indicated that there are other employees who are also in talks and presented some clarifications to avoid misunderstandings. *** Published reports indicate that a total of 60 employees belonging to Coinbase they resigned and accepted the salary compensation package offered by the … Read more

OM: the reaction of disillusioned Neymar after the racist remarks

Zapping Our Mondial The ZappFoot of Thursday, September 10, 2020 We will remember for a long time this classico of September 13, 2020. A first Marseille victory for nine years (1-0), 14 yellow cards, five red cards, a general fight at the end of the meeting, and an event that particularly caught the attention of … Read more

“Racist, misogynistic and homophobic remarks”: a star of the NCIS series in turmoil

In 2018, Pauley Perrette slammed the door to the NCIS series, where she played Abby Sciuto, because of “multiple assaults“of which she was the target on the set. It was only a little later that the actress admitted that her” attacker “was none other than Mark Harmon, star of the American series who plays the … Read more

No joys, no internet.. the prices of gold June 14, 2020: recession ready

Sign up for economic news Amir Razzouk, a member of the division of gold, the gold prices witnessed a stable, Sunday, to coincide with the weekend of the Goldsmiths in Egypt, and stop the labour movement in the global stock exchange. Explained living, in remarks for”Egyptian today”, that the price of gold is stable, where … Read more