From Take Two they explain the possibilities of remastering their games

Among the decisions that are being made by many publishers in recent years, we have found that some have found a vein in the remastering of more or less classic games. And there we find that there are a lot of possibilities, where there are many wishes to see certain improved games again. But it’s … Read more

Diablo 2: a new visual design with a focus on nostalgia What do you need to know before the arrival of the remastering?

This year the remastering of Diablo 2 by Vicarious Visions was announced and here we tell you the news that it will bring.Read the note to find out all the details! At the beginning of the year we had already heard rumors Y on the Blizzcon they confirmed that he was coming back Diablo 2. … Read more

Blizzard Gem Remastering Announced: Diablo 2

The video game company Blizzard announced the realization of the graphic remastering of the game Diablo 2 developed in 2000. This new and modern version of the product launched 20 years ago will run at a rate of 60 Fps. While the idea of ​​a Diablo 2 remastering was an open secret, BlizzConline became the … Read more

Amazon leaks Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2 remastering for Xbox Series and PS5

Many are those who dreamed of a remasterización de Red Dead Redemption for PlayStation 4 Y Xbox One when the second installment was released, the success of Rockstar, but the producer did not say a word about this possibility and since then has focused on working in online mode and in a hypothetical GTA 6. … Read more

Comparison Marvel’s Spider-Man PS5 vs PS4: this is how the remastering improves

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered It’s one of the main topics of conversation this week in the PlayStation universe. The game, which will come this November 19th exclusively for PS5 (only sold within Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition or as an extra payment in Miles Morales standard), will have multitude of new features on the technical … Read more