Singing 2020: Luisa Albinoni’s emotion when remembering Diego Maradona

Singing 2020: Luisa Albinoni’s emotion when remembering Diego Maradona After a very special opening, dedicated to Diego Maradona on the day of his death, it was time to present the first contestant of Singing 2020. “It is a day that I would have preferred to skip. It is inevitable to be sad. I have many … Read more

Remembering the contribution of Fico García to Peruvian cinema

“Fico was not only a filmmaker, he was a novelist, a writer committed to indigenous issues, with the mountains of Peru, having an active career in the field, being very representative during the 70s and 80s,” recalled the renowned filmmaker Pancho Adrianzén about the remembered Federico (Fico) García. In “Encuentros en la radio” he also … Read more

Mario Canessa: Remembering the last ringer of Barcelona | Columnists | sports

Born in the surroundings of Santa Clara de Daule, little Julio should not have deprived himself of immersing himself in the freshwater spa of Virgen de Lourdes, but he never had to imagine that, with the passing of the years, he was going to become a popular character, of those who, without ardent speeches, would … Read more

Pedro El Granaíno or the art of remembering

Pedro El Granaíno while singing in his “Granaíno Jondo” Flamenco, like good love or good literature, hurts and yesterday Pedro El Granaíno at the Talia de València demonstrated it with his work “Granaíno Jondo”. He revealed that the jondo is not only the name of his show but it is how he interprets the cante, … Read more

Ashley Tisdale proclaims herself queen of the quarantine remembering ‘High School Musical’

Humor and positivism is what we need to overcome this quarantine without losing my head before so many hours of confinement, well, to Ashley Tisdale He has plenty of both and does not stop sharing with all his followers on social networks. Either via memes of her character in ‘High School Musical‘or one of the … Read more

Pampita broke into the air after remembering Elsa Serrano

Yesterday, after confirming the news of the death of the designer Elsa Serrano, the entire fashion scene, family and friends paid tribute to the sad and painful departure of the dressmaker. Among them, Carolina Ardohain, who decided to share her last interview in Pampita Online. In a climate of mixed emotions and feelings, the model … Read more

Coronavirus: Claudia Fontán broke into the air when remembering how the disease transited

The driver spoke in PH: We can talk about the thoughts she had while she was isolated with Covid-19 Credit: Captures Claudia Fontán was as a guest to the Telefe cycle conducted by Andy Kusnetzoff, PH: We can talk, and elaborated on how he got through the coronavirus, and the thoughts that did not stop … Read more

Nikita Mirzani Crying Remembering that Anang Hermansyah used to prefer Syahrini – Nikita Mirzani it turned out that he had been a prime candidate for a duet friend Anang Hermansyah before Syahrini. But he failed because Anang preferred Syahrini. Given this, Nikita broke down in tears when telling her on the YouTube channel Gofar Hilman recently. Nikita could not hold back her tears as she … Read more