Notaries can establish authentic powers of attorney remotely

Receive all the news Immovable The notary can now establish a power of attorney via an electronic system guaranteeing security and confidentiality, when one or all of the parties cannot be present. Until now, this type of deed had to be signed in the presence of the participants, and in particular of the principal. Buying … Read more

London and Brussels continue to negotiate on fishing and competition, now remotely

File photo of an anti-Brexit protester in Westminster, London, UK. November 13, 2020. REUTERS / Henry Nicholls BRUSSELS, Nov 23 (Reuters) – UK and European Union negotiators resumed talks on their post-Brexit relationship by teleconference on Monday, in order to share their fishing quotas and ensure a fair competition framework for companies that include state … Read more

Senate will sit remotely; 7 lawmakers tested positive for COVID

The Senate of the Republic will meet remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic to avoid more infections in the compound. The agreement It was approved in plenary after seven senators tested positive for COVID-19 this Wednesday. It may interest you: Congress has spent 14.4 million pesos on COVID-19 tests; add 479 infections and 28 deaths It … Read more

The historic decision of the deputies before COVID-19: for the first time they will use cell phones to vote remotely

The Chamber of Deputies will meet blended this Wednesday, in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic (Photo: Cuartoscuro)The Chamber of Deputies will meet blended this Wednesday, in the shadow the COVID-19 pandemic that one of their own and 13 workers from the San Lázaro site has already been killed. Thus, legislators will use a smartphone … Read more

World Sight Day: time to learn about eye health care remotely

When humanity faces a crisis, they remain important scientific, social and technological advances. Examples from the past include the invention of penicillin and, more recently, robot-assisted surgery. Also, in our ophthalmological specialty, there are devices that allow automated measurements of patients, which reduces personal interactions and the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 in an … Read more

Samsung has a lot of Galaxys for developers to test apps remotely

The job of a developer involves much more than just application programming. After finishing the development of the app, you have to make sure that it works well on the devices that your users will be using. When we talk about Android, things get complicated because there are a lot of devices with very varied … Read more

The coronavirus is not transmitted remotely through the air, warns WHO

[Actualización: 7 de julio de 2020: La OMS no descarta la transmisión aérea del coronavirus | 6 de julio de 2020: Científicos instan a la OMS a considerar que el coronavirus también se transmite por aerosoles] The virus that causes Covid-19 is transmitted through contact with respiratory droplets from a sick person’s cough or sneeze, … Read more

Quality work remotely: how to get there?

“Recent months have shown that the unthinkable can happen, so companies need to be able to go beyond business as they prepare for the future. We have seen for many years that employees, especially in IT, have a great deal of independence and flexibility, including remotely. raises productivity and employee satisfaction.Therefore, we had gradually introduced … Read more

At Ulbroka High School, senior students will study remotely for half of their study time

At Ulbroka Secondary School, senior students will study half of the study time remotely, according to information published on the website of Stopiņi County Council. Starting the school year, it is planned to implement Model B of the study process at Ulbroka Secondary School. Pupils studying from 1st to 6th grade will be taught in … Read more