Renārs Zeltiņš: Debut is expected in the Coast Match

The shore match will take place in Riga for the 11th time over the weekend, but an unprecedented event is also expected, as medical teams will meet on the basketball court for the first time, one of the event leaders Renārs Zeltiņš said in an interview on Latvian Television on Friday. For the first time, … Read more

What are Renārs Zeltiņš ‘favorite series and movies?

When watching an exciting movie, favorite series or reality show, it’s easy to switch your attention from everyday thoughts and problems and immerse yourself in other, virtual content. It is not for nothing that watching TV has become one of the most popular forms of recreation and entertainment. Also in the family of Renārs Zeltiņš, … Read more

Renārs Zeltiņš reveals how he maintains a “spark” in his relationship with his wife – Celebrities

Popular showman Renārs Zeltiņš and his wife Ieva Koha-Zeltiņa seem to be one of the most inspiring domestic show business couples. They literally radiate true sincerity, love and respect for each other. Renārs will not hide – he is very lucky with Eve, who embodies all the values ​​that are important to him. The showman … Read more

Renārs Kaupers reveals what to do with blonde hair color – Celebrities – – Entertainment

As you know, Kaupers starred in an international film project, the family adventure film “Erik Akmenssirds”. In his latest post on Instagram, it is clear that the filming is over. “The make-up has been removed, the fine clothes in the closet and the filming scenes of the pirate ship Ouroboros in Tallinn have been successfully … Read more