Small cars will be up to twice as expensive, says the head of Renault

Small city cars such as the Renault Clio or the Škoda Fabia have a hard time on the market today. Although there is still interest in them, at least their versions of the station wagon, except for the aforementioned fabia, fell on the altar of small crossovers. And most importantly, because their customers are price … Read more

Renault announces prices for Megane with plug-in hybrid system .. photos

02:08 PM Sunday 02 May 2021 Paris – (dpa): Renault announced the launch of the new Mégane E-Tech, based on the Plug-in hybrid propulsion system, at a starting price of 33,890 euros (638,000 Egyptian pounds) approximately. The French company explained that the new car is based on a hybrid drive system with a power of … Read more

Small cars can soon double, Renault boss believes

The segment of small cars with internal combustion engines could double in price with the emerging emission standard, which could speed up the advent of comparable electric cars. Cars belonging to the small car segment, also known as the B-segment or the supermini segment, have not had an easy time in recent years. In many … Read more

a new Kangoo, 13 years after the last version

Made in Maubeuge in France and darling of families: the Renault Kangoo is being updated. It had been 13 years since this very popular car had evolved. When it was launched in 1997, this vehicle caused a sensation and popularized, with the Citroën Berlingo, what was called the Ludospace, in other words an improved utility … Read more

The first drive in the Renault Arkana: The elegant man was pleasantly surprised

A few months later, the carmaker announced that arkan will also be offered in Europe. But it’s technically a completely different car. The Romanian beater’s B0 platform was replaced by the CMF-B base of European small Renaultes, thanks to which a hybrid will be on offer, but instead of an ATV we can choose a … Read more

After Volvo, the top speed of the Renault and Dacia will be limited to 180 km / h

In order to also contribute to road safety, Renault and Dacia will now limit the maximum speed of their models to no more than 180 km / h, following the example already given by Volvo. Originally advanced by the German newspaper Spiegel, this decision was confirmed in the meantime by the Renault Group in a … Read more

Official: another manufacturer limits the top speed of all its cars to 180 km / h

As early as 2020, Volvo stated that they would no longer make a car that would not be limited to a top speed of 180 km / h. And now Renault is on the same line, saying that their cars will not be able to exceed 180 km / h from 2022 onwards. This is … Read more