After a twenty-year hiatus, Moskviches started to be produced again. In the former Russian Renault factory

Chinese semi-finished products with the Moskvich logo began to be produced in Russia. It is being built in the former Renault factory, which the French gave to the Russians for one ruble. A number of foreign manufacturers, including car companies, left the country after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Moskvich is a rebranded Chinese model of … Read more

Contender for “Car of the Year”: Renault Megane E-TECH

All information about cars, commission, events Cast your vote for the NATION’S CAR here. Megane E-TECH Electric is the first Renault model to take full advantage of the new CMF-EV platform, specially developed for electric vehicles. It has a reduced engine compartment, as the electrical components are more compact than those of internal combustion engines. … Read more

Someone converted this Renault Twingo to electric, and now offers it for rent

A first generation Renault Twingo adapted as electric, intends to become a rental car in Europe. A French company gave two Renault Twingo first generation, a ‘new life’ according to current mobility trends. Using the method called ‘retrofit’, the classic city car adapted a electric motor. This update coincides with the twingo 30th birthdayand the … Read more

The new challenger to the Škoda Karoq: Renault Austral has a confident price and rich equipment

Renault Austral Renault needed a new generation of compact SUV like salt. Kadjar, a technical relative of the previous generation Nissan Qashqai, went on sale more than seven years ago. Škoda still offered the Yeti, and Peugeot had a diesel-electric hybrid in the previous 3008, which ultimately turned out to be a development dead end. … Read more

The Renault Kwid has a new, cheaper and smaller electric ‘cousin’

“Little Unicorn” translates the name of the JMEV EV2 Little Kirin, an electric car that was born in China with the same base as the electric Renault Kwid. While Renault’s joint venture with Dongfeng produces for the whole world by Renault Kwid electricin all his variants and brands, the French also work hard in the … Read more

How far can the electric Renault Megane go on a single charge?

Autonomy tests of electric cars are often confined to the highway, but sometimes forget the small national and departmental roads. However, these axes allow the movement of many motorists daily. We therefore wanted to know the maximum range of the electric Renault Mégane. Was it able to reach the 438 km WLTP announced before the … Read more

Revolution. Renault Group “splits” into five business units

O Renault Group has just entered a new chapter (the third) of your plan Renaulutionwhich he called the “Revolution” and which consists of the creation of five distinct business units: Ampere, Alpine, MobilizeThe Future is NEUTRAL e Power. These new business units will be independent, with separate accounts and each with its own executive director, … Read more

Hyundai has started sales of the Ioniq 6. It can be available immediately or even in a year

At the e-Mobil exhibition in Prague’s Letňany, Hyundai is showing its new model Ioniq 6 still in the prototype stage, in fact it can already be ordered. The manufacturer has published the complete price list and promises that whoever hits on the “correct” configuration can soon have the car at home in the garage. The … Read more

Renault plans to create a new electric car production unit and cooperate with the Chinese

French car manufacturerRenault” has announced an ambitious reorganization, which envisages the creation of a new electric car production unit and a separate internal combustion engine car production company in cooperation with China’s Geely. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Electric car and software production unit “Ampere” is preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) … Read more