The affordable car of French prosperity – Renault Dauphine

The standard of living of the French rose spectacularly after the Second World War, which is why even the expectations placed on widely available cars were raised to a higher level. At Renault, even after the war, they responded well to the demands, but that was not enough, they needed a big push again. It … Read more

Dacia promises an offensive in the C-segment, the Bigster and the new Duster will be produced in Romania

The automaker is developing its industrial plan, the goal of which is an offensive in the C segment and support of the product portfolio. Dacia, part of the Renault group, today boasted a new press release highlighting the development of its industrial plan and increasing emphasis on its strategy aimed at an offensive in the … Read more

Electric Renault Kwid E-Tech is already coming to Colombia, and it is the best Kwid of all

In Brazil, we shared a few kilometers aboard the electric Renault Kwid E-Tech, the brand’s upcoming premiere for Colombia. The truth, we were surprised. The arrival of Renault Kwid E-Tech electric Colombia is a fact. The brand itself confirmed it last September 2022 in Brazil, during a special event on electric cars, and several units … Read more

After the apartments, we will have to give up the ambition to own cars, says the head of Renault

How can Euro 7 affect the automotive industry? Cars are developed for five, ten years ahead. But car companies are now getting enormously little time for a completely fundamental change. Past standards such as Euro 3, 4 and 5 were announced well in advance, it was clear how emissions would be measured and the technological … Read more

The new Renault Espace will get a huge panoramic roof

One of the benefits for buyers of the new Espace will be a large panoramic roof that extends over the third row of seats. The premiere of the new Renault Espace is planned for the end of March, so the manufacturer is starting to warm up the public by revealing more and more details. In … Read more

Renault showed the interior of the new espace, it will be a seven-seater Australian

A short flight through the interior of the upcoming novelty shows not only seven seats in three rows. According to the automaker, the panoramic sunroof lets in more than a square meter of light, has a length of 1.33 m and a width of 84 cm. The dashboard with a vertically divided screen is based … Read more

This is how electric cars from Tesla, Nissan, BMW and Renault perform at the TÜV

Tesla Model 3: Top in the sales ranking, significantly worse in the TÜV table. archive picture: KEYSTONE There is much less complicated technology in the electric car than in the combustion engine. That’s why less breaks. That’s what it’s called. German motor vehicle inspectors, on the other hand, say something different. Published: 05.03.2023, 13:55Updated: 03/05/2023 … Read more

He reported the Mégane RS stolen, even though he wrecked it on the circuit. Now he faces prison

Sometimes it just happens that a day at the circuit doesn’t go well and at best it’s only your car that takes it. But reporting the car as stolen is certainly not a good solution. The driver of the Mégan RS faces prison. Driving on the circuit is undoubtedly a fun pastime for all motoring … Read more

The moment a Renault 4L ‘humiliated’ a Dacia Duster

AND It’s always good to remember one of the most viral videos of 2021. During the storm Filomena, which stopped Madrid that year, images of a Dacia Duster unable to move in the snow became world famous. So far, nothing unusual, but the video gained dimension, as the modern SUV of the Romanian brand was … Read more

Not all electric cars die in the winter, some are helped by refrigerator technology

However, there is one antidote that helps an electric car survive in cold climates. This is a heat pump. What should I pay attention to in the equipment list of an electric car? Winter affects the range of electric cars more than inflation affects wallets. When a minus sign appears next to the number on … Read more