Did Al-Ahly agree to the proposal for the return of the league … Syed Abdul Hafeez answered

The Football Association announced that it submitted a proposal to return the league to the official authorities in the country to return and resume the activity of the Egyptian Premier League championship in light of the spread of the Corona virus worldwide, which caused the freezing of all competitions around the world. To know Al-Ahly’s … Read more

FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly: Who can bear our loss of 10 million dollars after reducing the foreigners? And Feiler is excited about the return of some loaned

Al-Ahly’s football manager, Syed Abdul Hafeez, talked about several files concerning the decision of the Football Association to reduce foreign players, the trend towards reducing player contracts and the position of coach Rene Filer on the loaned players and Saleh Jumaa. “The decision to reduce the foreign players must be studied,” Al-Hafeez said on Radio … Read more

An industrial bump on Ahmed Fathi Road to Pyramids may force him to renew for Al Ahly

Despite the nomination of more than one right back for Al-Ahly during the past period, after Ahmed Fathi announced the team’s player after refusing to renew his contract for the dispute with the club about the financial return, the Swiss coach refused to rush and choose one of the deals proposed to support the Yemeni … Read more

FilGoal | News | Feiler reveals a decision that would change him if he could .. And “Whoever says I don’t like big players”

Al-Ahly coach Rene Fyler revealed a decision that he would have changed had he been able to and the time would have returned in his career with Al-Ahly. “I was disappointed after the super game in Abu Dhabi, which we lost with a penalty shootout,” said Fyler. “The fans noticed that we played well and … Read more