The call for a hardship regulation – what about the imputed rental value? – Canton (Aargau) – Aargau

Almost to the day exactly five years ago, the Grand Council increased the imputed rental value by a wafer-thin majority after a real speech battle. This in order to meet the legal requirements again. The imputed rental value must be at least 60 percent of the market rental value. In Aargau, it had previously fallen … Read more

Housing Thrity Threshold says people who live in rental apartments now feel less safe than they did before Covid-19

Do me a favor: please SHARE this post. The vast majority of people who live in rental apartments are reluctant to rent but cannot afford to climb the property ladder. Worrying new research from Threshold shows that while one in four tenants is, 85 percent are desperate to secure their own home or access to … Read more

Modernization of rental apartments

In principle, it should be checked whether it is a matter of modernization (raising the living standard) or just repairs or maintenance measures. Modernization or maintenance? If the landlord correctly announces a modernization, tenants have one month after the end of the month in which the letter was received to express any objections. This period … Read more

KCAO offers rental / mortgage assistance

HANFORD – Kings County residents who have fallen behind on their rental or mortgage payments may now be able to get some relief through a financial assistance program. Kings Community Action Organization provides financial rental or mortgage support to help individuals and families affected by COVID-19. Joey Cox, director of response prevention support services at … Read more

More than 350 families are waiting for a social rental housing in Huesca

Woman, with two small children, separated because her husband abused her. He stopped paying the social rent for the apartment and she realized it too late. The judge has stopped the eviction, but she fears that any day the lawsuit will be reactivated. It is one of the cases that Platform for those Affected by … Read more

Nerja Shock Plan: The deadline for submitting the required documentation for mortgage and rental aid for young people opens

Those affected have a period of ten business days to submit the requested documentation. The Councilor for Youth, Daniel Rivas, has reported from publication dthe list of documentation requirements for applicants for social emergency aid for young people in a situation of economic vulnerability and / or at risk of social exclusion, for the payment … Read more

Jeonse’s monthly rental tax credit and income tax were strengthened … Will I get the concession?

Minister of Lands, Infrastructure and Transportation, Kim Hyun-mi, answers questions at the comprehensive national audit of the National Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Commission of the National Assembly held at the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul, in the morning of the day. 2. 3. News 1 Following the new application of the law on leases etc., … Read more

Car Rental Insurance Market – Global COVID-19 Impact On Industry Analysis, Share, Growth Status, Future Opportunities, Business Developments, Trends, and Forecasts to 2026

Global Rental Car Insurance market report offers in-depth information on the market SWOT analysis, share, key players, industry size, upcoming trends, and growth factor. The Car Rental Insurance market report has an industry overview interpreting the value chain structure, industrial environment, regional analysis, applications, market size, and forecasts. This is the latest report covering the … Read more

New Central Florida COVID-19 Testing Sites, Rental Assistance Program, Protective Equipment, and the Census

The deadline has been extended to Saturday, October 31. Visited to respond to the census. It takes less than 10 minutes to fill out the Census, and the answers are important in determining federal and state funds that can be awarded to your city, helping hospitals, schools, and other basic resources. Responses are anonymous … Read more

Online premieres: review of “The Rental”, by Dave Franco (Amazon Prime)

The actor’s debut film is a horror story that, beyond a premise more typical of independent cinema, soon falls back on the most classic conventions of the genre, with barely acceptable results. It is impossible, seeing THE RENTAL, not thinking about how the idea came to its director and co-writer, Dave Franco. I have every … Read more