Support Decree bis, the new requirements for the 2021 rental bonus

9/10 © IPA / Photogram The 2021 rent bonus in standard version refers to a comparison based on 12 months while the specific one for the tourism sector would remain anchored to the single monthly payment. Furthermore the tax credit would be confirmed to an extent equal to 60% of the rent for tourism businesses. … Read more

Vacation rental boom. Italians ready for Revenge Tourism and a summer of “rebirth” (by I. Betti)

After a year of pandemic, Italians are ready to pack up and leave months of worries behind. With summer just around the corner, there are already those who are planning their vacation. But what will the typical stay of Italians be in 2021? Marina Lalli, president of Confindustria Federturismo, illustrates to HuffPost Italy what seem … Read more

Long-term car rental companies attacking individuals

ROCCO Between car manufacturers and long-term rental companies, is war declared? While the former are increasing their financing offers and engaging in online sales and rental of cars on subscription, the latter, without neglecting business customers, are also embarking on rental to individuals. It must be said that in ten years, the share of new … Read more

2 recommended business simulation games to satisfy your dreams of real estate speculation and rental charter-Computer King Ada

The business simulation category can be regarded as a fairly classic item in the game, and it is also subdivided into many types, which are mostly inseparable from urban and transportation planning, store field management and other types. The types to be introduced today are more special. One of the content in other business simulation … Read more

The failure of the “rental ceiling” in Berlin: Is a new crisis emerging in Germany

Berlin’s experiment with the authorities imposed a rent ceiling collapsed after Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court declared the measure unconstitutional, fueling a resurgent “war” between landlords and tenants in the German capital. The court’s decision was met with extreme sharpness, with thousands of people taking to the streets of Berlin to protest that evening, and at … Read more

The demonstration in Berlin is triggered by the lifting of the rental price restriction – BNN

A widespread demonstration in the German capital of a court ruling declaring illegal the decision of the Land of Berlin to set a rent ceiling, reports British news portal The Guardian. On Thursday, April 15, the German Federal Constitutional Court overturned a decision by the legislators of the Land of Berlin, which provoked a wide-ranging … Read more

Garuda Opens Airplane Simulator Rental, How Much is the Fee? The all page

JAKARTA, – The decline in the number of passengers plane During the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of airlines were forced to turn their brains to find other income. One of them is PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Recently, this state-owned airline has opened up opportunities for people who want to feel the sensation of … Read more

Reduced state fees for property registration will encourage investment in rental houses and apartments – Economy, finance

Yesterday, the Saeima adopted amendments to the Land Register Law in the second reading, which supported the proposal of the Saeima deputy Gatas Eglītis to make changes in the amount of the state fee for consolidating apartment property in the Land Register. The amendments provide for a task for the government from this year. On … Read more