Colombian national team: Mina, Murillo, Dávinson Sánchez, low level in tie is repeated in clubs | Colombians Abroad

It is not personal. That is to say, it is not that it happens only with the Colombian National Team, it is that the sporting moment of the Colombian defenders is definitely not good, the great ones indicated after the last double round of qualifiers to Qatar 2022. It is happening that the men with … Read more

Given the repeated injuries in the defense, Liverpool analyzes the possibility of going to the charge for the footballer Ezequiel Garay

Liverpool He is going through a strange situation this season related to his defenders. The first to suffer a serious injury was Virgil Van Dijk. But he was not the only one since later, with less seriousness, the casualties of Fabinho, Joel Matip, Joe Gómez and Trent Alexander-Arnold were added. Therefore, it appeared Ezequiel Garay … Read more

Luis Omar Tapia: “It was a fantastic generation, it will not be repeated”

In an interview with the Grouper Groupers of the Race, Luis Omar Tapia spoke about the performance of the Chilean National Team and his journalistic career as a sports narrator. “Chile was better than Uruguay in Montevideo.” “Chile was asleep against Colombia.” He also gave his opinion on the future of the Chilean National Team. … Read more

Blizzard adds some severe penalties for repeated name violations – News – Latest News

Well here we are on October 26, the big day of the Shadowlands launch, as the expansion was scheduled to release today at midnight CET 4PM PDT, and we would only be 5 hours from the afterlife! But luckily or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, the expansion was delayed and we now … Read more

Irina Shayk reinvents the most repeated plaid skirt of the season

Although it has an extremely childish character, the plaid kilt that popularized Burberry it is repeated every year as a staple of the fall season. A garment with a children’s air that those who know the most about fashion always combine it with garments of the same style, often falling into the lady or romantic … Read more

Women paraded by residents without clothes because they are caught nasty, Police: They have been warned before, but are repeated again. – Action vigilante conducted by residents in Pasaman, West Sumatra. This is because a woman who was suspected of committing obscenity was forced to take off her clothes and was paraded by residents. Sadly, when the woman paraded down the street, the children also followed. Head of the Public Relations Division of the West … Read more

Babish: The elections in Belarus must be repeated

“It simply came to our notice then. The Belarusians need our quick help, “he said. “The elections in Belarus must be repeated, they must be transparent and in the presence of foreign observers,” he added. The Czech prime minister has previously condemned the violence against demonstrators in Belarus. However, Poland has been resolving the situation … Read more

Bill Gates compared the principles of the TikTok purchase deal with a “bowl of poison” :: Politics :: RBC

Bill Gates (Photo: John Lamparski / Getty Images) Microsoft founder Bill Gates named strange principles by which the purchase of the TikTok video service can occur. Gates’ opinion leads Wired magazine. According to the billionaire, if Microsoft decides on a deal, it will have to take into account the conditions set by President Donald Trump, … Read more

Japanese Air Force Faces Repeated threats from China

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Fighter pilot Japan Lieutenant Colonel Takamichi Shirota said their airspace was under increasing pressure from China. More than twice a day Japanese fighter pilots hear sirens and planes fly toward their jets. As quoted from CNN, as many as 947 air threats experienced by Japan in the past year. Some of … Read more