Silat Teacher Fucks His Students Repeatedly, Revealed After 7 Months Pregnant Page all – AK (58), a silat teacher in Banjang District, Regency Upper North River (HSU), South Kalimantan (Kalsel), secured by the police. He was arrested on suspicion of a case of molestation against his own silat student with the initials FA (18). Head of the HSU Police Criminal Investigation Unit, Iptu Kamaruddin, said that the … Read more

A woman in Pamulang died after being tortured by her husband repeatedly, the trigger was trivial

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, SOUTH TANGERANG – case Domestic Violence (Domestic Violence) happened at Pamulang, South Tangerang, Sunday (7/26/2020). Ansari (40) persecuted his wife Thayyibah (28) at his residence Jalan Cabe 1, Chili Cottage Ilir, Pamulang, City South Tangerang (South Tangerang) until death. It is known, the husband couple lives in a grocery shop that is a source … Read more