Mosquito repellent has been shown to be effective against the new coronavirus

Researchers from the Department of Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) had been tasked with evaluating the anti-viral activity of Mosi-guard Natural insect repellent, containing a substance called Citriodiol, derived from the essential oil lemon eucalyptus, which may offer protection against COVID-19. According to the ministry, which specifies that in both cases, the product has … Read more

a mosquito repellent would neutralize the virus

Can an everyday product help fight Covid-19? A British study, published Wednesday, August 26, shows that an anti-mosquito product, the active substance of which comes from eucalyptus, has been shown to be effective in neutralizing the new coronavirus. The Ministry of Defense at United Kingdom sought to assess the anti-viral activity of Mosi-guard Natural insect … Read more

President of the Constitutional Court announced to the table that scares the spokesman Newspaper

The membership of the Constitutional Court vows to the ceremony for starting is performed. Member will start her new job at the court’s Majestic Lounge can swear to uphold the Constitution. Yesterday, I was at the farmers Basri to watch the inauguration of the Constitutional Court. President Erdogan, the president of the Turkish parliament, Mustafa … Read more