The diploma in watchmaking marketing replaced by courses …

Watchmaking The Institute of Watchmaking Marketing has integrated the new Institute in communication and experiential marketing of HE-Arc Gestion. The CAS in watchmaking marketing is no longer offered, replaced by optional courses. Created in 2010 within the HE-Arc Gestion, the Institut du marketing horloger (IMH) no longer exists as such. It gave way to a … Read more

Everyday people in Rietberg move into winter quarters – one figure is replaced

A replacement figure has now been ordered for the accident photographer who was hit by a car. This has since been agreed with the driver’s insurance company. 07/11/2020 | Updated 51 minutes ago Rietberg. Since September 20, the photo group of everyday people stood “alone” in front of the historic town hall in Rietberg. Their … Read more

Ángela Leiva and Brian Lanzelotta tested positive for Covid-19: “They will be replaced by Rodrigo Tapari and Rocío Quiroz”

Since the coach Natalia Cociuffo test positive for Covid-19, the participants I worked with in Singing 2020 they were isolated. In this way, Lola latorre, Lucas Spadafora, Angela Leiva Y Brian Lanzelotta They were impersonated by other celebrities in the last week, and this Saturday it was confirmed that three of them tested positive. In … Read more

Melania Trump statue made of wood replaced by a bronze one after being burned

Life-size and located in the middle of a field, near Sevnica, a city in eastern Slovenia where Melania Trump spent her childhood, the bronze statue immortalizes the first lady. The work was commissioned by American artist Brad Downey, from Louisville, Kentucky, and wants to criticize Trump’s migration policy. The idea is to remind the American … Read more

Elections were to be held in Hong Kong today. They were replaced by protests and arrests

Despite the ban on gatherings, hundreds of people took to the streets to express their opposition to the canceled parliamentary elections. Dissatisfaction was also added to the newly adopted security law, and the police did not hesitate to intervene with the help of pepper projectiles. About 290 people ended up in handcuffs on the grounds … Read more

Riga “Dinamo” – “Baris” game judge found Covid-19; will be replaced by a local brigade – Hockey

One of the four match judges, who had to try the Continental Hockey League (KHL) game between Riga “Dinamo” and Nursultana “Baris” on Thursday in Riga, was found to be infected with Covid-19, the channel “TV3 Sport Latvija” reports. “Dinamo” will receive its guests from Kazakhstan in “Arena Riga” at 5 pm. “One of the … Read more

AMLO confirms the departure of Víctor Toledo from Semarnat; will be replaced by María Luisa Albores

Victor Toledo will leave his position as head of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) and his place will be occupied by the current head of the Ministry of Welfare, Maria Luisa Albores, confirmed this Wednesday President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. “In effect, Víctor Manuel Toledo, as Secretary of the Environment, resigned. He … Read more

Dočkal replaced one-sixth of Kang’s goals right in the premiere. He didn’t think about the hat-trick

Goal! Sparta captain Bořek Dočkal is rejoicing at one of his hits in Brno. Vlastimil Vacek, Right Some regret the departure of the self-centered African, others do not. In any case, Sparta had a clear task to replace Guélor Kanga’s twelve goals scored last season. “I’ll be brief: Sparta won’t miss it! Bořek Dočkal will … Read more