Vehicle number plates are replaced with white and use chips, this is the reason

Jakarta – The license plate of a private motorized vehicle will be changed from a black base in white writing to a white base in black writing. Mentioned, white number plates will also be implanted chips. What is the purpose? According to the Director of Registration and Identification (Regident) of the Traffic Corps (Korlantas Polri), … Read more

Premier League丨Manchester United’s 300 away victories set a Premier League record, C Long was replaced and lost his temper. Lan Licker denied the discord (17:20)-20220120-Sports-Instant News

Manchester United led the first two goals in the Premier League and were forced to draw 2:2 by Aston Villa, resulting in only 1 point in the past two league games. C Long is back in charge in this battle. In 55 minutes, Manchester United broke the deadlock with teenager Ilanga. Glennwood ended the 3-month … Read more

People Who Are Allergic and Intolerable to Cow’s Milk Can Still Drink Milk, These 4 Types of Milk Can Be Replaced

Pxhere Soy milk can be an alternative to cow’s milk. – Milk is a drink that has many benefits for the body. This is because milk contains complete nutrients for the body, ranging from helping strengthen bones, to providing important vitamins. One of the most commonly consumed types of milk is cow’s milk. Unfortunately, … Read more

The uniform of a security guard that looks like a police officer is replaced by a cream color, the police want to differentiate their identity

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The color of the security guard uniform will be changed. The change was made again because the brown uniform color is very similar to the color of the brown uniform police uniform. The similarity of the two types of uniforms makes people confused when distinguishing security guards from police. Quoted from the page … Read more

Terima in Galatasaraya was replaced by Torrent’s former assistant Torrent

The Spanish coach of Domlatec Torrent was appointed the new coach of Galatasaray. Pepa Guardiola’s former assistant will replace Fatih Terim, who ended up in the club due to poor results. “We originally discussed with him the role of assistant, but given the current situation, we made him head coach,” AFP quoted Istanbul chairman Burak … Read more

Because of Coal, Gerindra Politicians Urge PLN’s Commissioner to be Replaced

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The DPR considers that the shortage of PLN’s coal stock is an extraordinary event and is the joint responsibility of the company, including the directors to the commissioners. Even until the regulation of the ban on coal exports appeared on January 1-31 2022, to meet domestic coal needs. SOE Minister Erick Thohir … Read more

Last year, BMW replaced Mercedes at the forefront of the luxury car market

In Europe, Mercedes-Benz sales fell about 11 percent to 696,000 last year. In China, they fell by two percent to 759,000, while in the United States they rose by 0.4 percent to 276,000. In the fourth quarter alone, global Mercedes-Benz car sales fell by almost a quarter year-on-year to around 464,000. In his report, Daimler … Read more

Last year, BMW replaced Mercedes at the forefront of the luxury car market

Mercedes-Benz’s luxury sales of luxury passenger cars fell five percent last year to 2.05 million. According to Reuters, the Mercedes-Benz brand thus lost its leading position on the luxury car market for the first time in five years. It was overtaken by rival German brand BMW, which announced this week that its global sales last … Read more

The helping hand from Šiauliai: the postponed “Žalgiris” Euroleague match is replaced by a duel in the city of the Sun / News

After the Euroleague announces the postponement of Friday’s match between Kaunas “Žalgiris” and Piraeus “Olympiacos”, the Lithuanian champions will not be left without a match. Kaunas Žalgiris / Schedule LKL announced that Šiauliai-7bet agreed to help Kaunas residents and resumed the league match on January 7. This decision of the people of Šiauliai means that … Read more