10 Perfect Couples – Season 04 Episode 13 of September 1, 2020 – 10 Perfect Couples

Safia decides to go see Khafra and get things straight. The young woman confesses her preference for Vincent… Adrien, him, speaks to Anissa to have information on Mélanie. He would like to know if there are any chances… Safia does not allow Vincent to cook for Maissane. A discussion is needed between the two… Tonight … Read more

10 Perfect Couples – Season 04 Episode 11 of August 28, 2020 – 10 Perfect Couples

Kellyn chooses Adrien at the ceremony. For Alcaraz, it is astonishment. He is disappointed with his choice. It is for him a revelation, he finally opens his eyes on the young woman. Each girl chooses her potential perfect match. Some choices are not necessarily all accepted… The beam ceremony is coming to an end. Applicants … Read more

10 Perfect Couples – Season 04 Episode 10 of August 27, 2020 – 10 Perfect Couples

Milla debriefs Safia on the questionnaire she gave to Khéphren and Vincent. She tells him her preference… This also confirms Safia’s choice. The young woman will have to tell them. The candidates are always thinking about the strategy to adopt during the ceremony… Between choice of heart and reason, opinions are mixed. But the candidates … Read more