“We are ready” to reopen the ski resorts, says Dominique Marcel

We are starting to see a little clearer about the reopening of shops and cinemas, but what will happen to ski resorts? The Christmas holidays are a month away and the question is whether it will be possible to go skiing during the holidays. “I can’t guarantee it, but we hope we believe it we … Read more

she risks being expelled from her EHPAD because of a dispute with her insurance

Tina contacted the “It Can Happen” team about a dispute over her mother. She is Portuguese, but worked in France for 25 years. As such, his retirement pension depends on a French organization. But, in November 2019, the organization sent a letter to Tina’s mother’s former home and asked for a certificate of life, a … Read more

“It’s stubbornness”, criticizes Laurent Berger

The unemployment insurance reform is again postponed to April 1, 2021. The government announced it to the social partners on Monday, October 26. “It’s stubbornness” on the part of the government, said Laurent Berger on RTL this Tuesday, October 27. “Do you think this is the time to deal with these questions? “, protested the … Read more

an association helps people with disabilities during the crisis

The Center Papillon, managed by the Grandir Ensemble association, provided support during the crisisfamilies with people with motor and / or sensory disabilities and theirchildren in the aftermath of Covid-19 over a period of two months in order to anticipate and predict thepsychosocial risks linked to deconfinement. Corinne Metral, president of the Center Papillon association, … Read more