Faced with a Paraguayan request to open borders, Herrera Ahuad replied: “It is not a lack of empathy, we are very serious and we do not put economic issues ahead, but rather the two raised fists, the economy and health.”

The governor listed the different actions that, in the midst of the pandemic, the missionary state did to contain the health system “of our Paraguayan brothers. We are inclusive, empathetic and we solve their needs ”. Thus, he answered statements by authorities from the neighboring country that defined the attitude of the missionary leader as … Read more

Aberto Fernández replied to Eduardo Duhalde through a retweet

August 26, 2020 – 10:27 “There will be no elections because Argentina is the champion of military dictatorships,” Duhalde had launched. President Alberto Fernández has not yet ruled on the controversy generated by former president Eduardo Duhalde about the possibility of a coup, although he took advantage of a tweet from a very close official … Read more

De Pedro replied to Larreta: “They always knew that they received more”

The Minister of the Interior of the Nation, Eduardo ‘Wado’ de Pedro, made statements about the dispute with the Buenos Aires government of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta over the funds that they took out of the partnership. “Funds that Macri transferred in an illegitimate way are recovered and that should be used to begin to build … Read more

Aníbal Fernández replied to Duhalde: “The President is not groggy at all”

The head of the Río Turbio Carboniferous Oilfields referred to the former president’s words in conversation with Jorge Rizzo in “People of Law” and affirmed that those uniformed men who protested in Olivos for wages “They have to go.” For Fernández, Duhalde «He is not a bad-tempered man, let him say what he wants, the … Read more

The President said he knew “very above what happened” with Solange and Pablo Musse replied

President Alberto Fernandez he sustained during an interview that he knows “Far above what happened” On the case of Solange Musse, the young woman from Cordoba who suffered from cancer and was unable to say goodbye to her father because she was not allowed to enter the province due to restrictive measures due to coronavirus. … Read more

Shinzo Abe, Japanese PM who resigned, replied to Jokowi’s warm message using Indonesian

TOKYO, KOMPAS.com – Since announcing his resignation from his position as prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe has received many warm messages from several national leaders. One of them is the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo ( Jokowi). President Jokowi sent a warm message saying, “PM Abe is one of the first … Read more

Apple replied to Epic Games – there will be no exceptions – Igromania

Yesterday Epic reported on twitter that Apple threatened to block developer accounts on iOS and MacOS. This can lead to the fact that all games based on the proprietary engine Unreal Engine will be left without support. In this regard, Epics sent another lawsuit to the court, and now Apple gave answer. The corporation expects … Read more

The wife of an imprisoned officer replied to Alex Saab: “You complain for two days incommunicado, the Intelligence Directorate held my husband kidnapped for 45 days”

An official of the DGCIM Eight coronavirus tests were positive in the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM), after the day that occurred in mid-July when the tests were applied to the officials and detainees. The only measures taken are to place the infected in an area of ​​isolation, which does not offer any guarantee … Read more

Patricia Bullrich replied to Leandro Santoro: “I am with the victims; explain what side of the security they are on”

After the Buenos Aires legislator Leandro Santoro will rate it as “drunk” and accuse her of promoting that “whoever wants to be armed, who is armed“, the former Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, he replied harshly and returned to defend the retiree who killed a thief in Quilmes. “Jorge is a blacksmith. 5 criminals violated … Read more