Elena Santarelli on vacation in Panarea thus replies to the hater that invites her to keep a low profile

You always go back to where you have been good. Elena Santarelli knows something about it, two years after the last time, has returned to the Aeolian Islands to spend a relaxing and carefree holiday on a boat. The former Letterina is in Panarea with her husband Bernardo Corradi married in 2014 and her children, … Read more

Brunella Horna says proudly “Look where I am? and Tilsa Lozano replies: “For talent or for being a good girl” | VIDEO | entertainment | SHOWS

Tilsa Lozano appeared on ‘América Hoy’, his presence caused discomfort in the television host, Brunella Hornawhen the former “Bunny” asked him if his success is due to his talent or to his good looks. READ ALSO: TODDLER ON CHIBOLÍN’S HUMILIATION OF A MOTHER OF 6 CHILDREN: “I DON’T THINK SHE HAS A BLACK SOUL” Despite … Read more

Jovanotti replies to Professor Tozzi: “Absurd to make JBP an ecological target, we are the largest environmental initiative ever made in Italy”

Dear Prof Tozzithe other day I called “econazis” those dangerous mythos who violently polarize the great question of ecology within small personal brands that are not accredited except by themselves and by the likes they have remedied at random. I called them econazis because they are, this idea of ​​absolute purity to be pursued at … Read more

“The Rock” sends a message to Taylor Swift, she replies cash!

It was a bit unexpected, but Dwayne Johnson just sent a message to Taylor Swift. Without a filter in view of the current context, the singer then hastened to answer him. This exchange between the two superstars obviously do the rounds on social media! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the most popular characters … Read more

Scandalous entry by the Russian embassy. Jermak replies

On Friday evening, the official account of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Great Britain referred to the situation of Ukrainian soldiers from the “Azov” regiment, who in July they were to hear a death sentence for “war crimes”. “Members of the Azov regiment deserve execution, not by shooting in front of a firing … Read more

Marcin Prokop “replies” to Michał Wiśniewski in response to his answer: “I’m not pushing with anyone. I don’t care anymore.”

On Thursday, we witnessed the outbreak of the media scandal between Michał Wiśniewski and Marcin Prokop. The journalist is mentioned in the book “Ich Troje. Biography”, where the topic of the interview for “Gala” magazine, which took place many years ago, was included. Wiśniewski described in the book how he and Prokop drank vodka together, … Read more

Explosions in Bie³gorod. Russia accuses Kyiv of an attack. Ukraine replies: We do not have such rockets | World news

Anton Heraszczenko referred to a photo of a missile stuck in the wall of a damaged residential house, published in the media. He stressed that the “observers” agree that this is the Pancyr missile system, which is part of the armament of the Russian army. Earlier, the Russian defense ministry stated that Belgorod was fired … Read more

Host Laurent Fontaine criticizes Lou, the daughter of his “friend” Jean-Pierre Pernaut: she REPLIES (video)

© TPMP & Instagram Lou Pernaut Early MarchJean Pierre Pernaut, former star presenter of 13H of TF1, died at the age of 71 from lung cancer. Since his death, his family has been trying to rebuild. Laurent Fontaine, host and “friend” of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, finds that the behavior of Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s daughter on TikTok is … Read more

“They don’t let me in on the beach.” The Municipality replies like this

Controversy in Amalfi Coast after the denunciation of Dieter Richter. The German writer and philologist in fact denounced that, according to him, he was discriminated against: «They refused me access to the beach by taking only one sunbed. They told me to get two for 35 euros or nothing. “ Read also> Vip gazebo for … Read more