Sükür outmaneuvered Mašek, then ran away from Erdogan’s arrest warrant. He takes a taxi today

Hakan Sükür scored the fastest goal in the history of the World Cup 20 years ago. He thus surpassed “Chilan” Václav Mašek. On June 29, 2002, Turkish striker Hakan Sükür made history as the scorer of the fastest goal at the World Cup. In the match for third place in Daegu, Korea against the home … Read more

He played at nine World Cups and two Olympic Games. Now he won’t be invited anymore, he pissed off the hockey association by signing in Russia

What about the fact that she was in Latvia at the end of April; that is, two months since the beginning of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine; adopted an amendment to the sports law, which stipulates that athletes and officials cannot participate in any competitions held in Russia or Belarus. Indrashis did not concern … Read more

A former French football team has revealed a shocking secret. He faced sexual harassment

Former French representative of Senegalese descent, Parice Evra, described the horrific childhood experiences in his autobiography, “I Love This Game,” and then spoke about them in an interview with CNN. The five-time English league champion with Manchester United described that at the age of 13 he slept in his teacher’s house so that he would … Read more

Sharp reactions to Hadamczik. Disappointment in the first interview, complains Hero

And the reactions from the hockey community did not take long. “It is sad that this lapsis of the new president of ČSLH will have to be corrected again by Kari Jalonen, who will not nominate the KHL player. It seems that we will have to learn more from the Finns than just a compact … Read more

Belarus – Czechia 2: 1, Footballers lost again in the qualification for the World Cup 2023

All goals fell in the first half. Valjukova scored twice for Belarus, and after less than half an hour of play, the midfielder Szewieczkova lowered. The Czechs will finish qualifying in September with duels with Cyprus and Belarus. Qualification of WC 2023 football players in Belgrade – group C: Belarus – Czechia 2: 1 (2: … Read more

Czech footballers jumped to 32nd place in the June issue of the national team rankings

In June, the Czech team played four matches of the elite group A2 of the League of Nations. Coach Jaroslav Šilhavý’s charges first defeated Switzerland at home 2: 1 and drew Spain 2: 2 and then lost 0: 2 outside in Portugal and Spain. Compared to the previous issue of the ranking at the end … Read more

Czechia – Turkey 3: 1, Sensation! Czech volleyball players won the European League after 18 years

The Czech volleyball players played the Final Four after four years, in 2018 they were not enough for Estonia in the fight for the winning trophy. They entered today’s final in Varaždin, Croatia, and won the first set, in which coach Jiří Novák gave an opportunity to both universals Jakub Indra and Marek Šotol, as … Read more

Arriving home was a liberating feeling, Will says of the hectic end in Chelyabinsk

Let’s go back to the World Cup. Aren’t you sorry that you eventually lost the bronze medal? This is simply life, you do not plan it. But even if I accepted the national team invitation, I would not be guaranteed to get into the team. It would depend on the current form. Of course, I … Read more

The junior national team expands the coaching team. Another world champion comes after Pavelec

For Židlický, who has lived in the United States for a long time, working for one of the youth nationals will not be new. In the 2018/19 season, she took part in three Olympic Games and six world championships with an assistant to her then head coach Alois Hadamczik. Twenty peaks await this year’s season: … Read more

Floorball trouble. The players made a video with the joint, they immediately ended up in the national team

Floorball representatives Veronika Kopecká and Karolína Stůjová are looking for the video they made and placed on social networks. They are on it with a joint, ie a marijuana cigarette. The reaction did not take long: both were eliminated from the national team and their club Tatran Střešovice also suspended them. On Monday, the young … Read more