A couple caught having sex in the residents’ yard, reprimanded, even angry

STOCKTON, KOMPAS.com – A woman in Stockton, United States of America ( AS) caught a trusted lover homeless, have sex in the front yard of a neighbor’s house. But when he reprimanded her, the lovebirds got angry and asked her to leave. The woman, named Chealsey Allmon-Encinas, was walking outside, then accidentally found two people … Read more

Chronology of TNI Personnel in Short Pants Shows Handguns to Covid Officers because they are annoyed at being reprimanded

KOMPAS.com – Pratu E, a member of the TNI shows a gun to the Covid-19 Task Force officers Shove, Ilham, because reprimand is not accepted. Ilham said that the incident started when Pratu E visited the Covid-19 Task Force post at the Sorong Mayor’s office to take care of the entry and exit permit (SIKM), … Read more

Kokins has reprimanded the heads of election commissions in both polling stations for the unsealed envelopes

Riga City Council Juris Kokins, the chairman of the Riga City Electoral Commission, told the heads of the commissions of both polling stations, in which unsealed envelopes were found, during the “administrative conversation”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising He answered the question whether there were any plans to impose sanctions on the heads … Read more

Reprimanded Not To Use Mobile Phone, Mumtaz Rais Even Brought to the House of Representatives

Member of the DPR for the 2009-2014 period Ahmad Mumtaz Rais (Source: KOMPAS.com/Haryantipuspasari) JAKARTA, KOMPASTV – Members DPR 2009-2014 period Ahmad Mumtaz Rais became the spotlight because of his actions that did not accept being reprimanded for using internal communication tools Garuda airplane Indonesia is refueling. The incident happened at the moment Garuda airplane The … Read more

Atta Halilintar was reprimanded by Uncle after his grandfather’s story came from among difficult people

Atta Halilintar and uncle (Source: Youtube) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Comments Atta Halilintar on YouTube Helmy Yahya Bicara, which was uploaded on (7/8/2020) then caused controversy until the uncle spoke up and gave advice Not long ago, uncle appeared Atta Halilintar the one named Febrian caused public shock. How could he not, as an uncle, Febrian … Read more