For fear of reprisals after an 8-0 defeat, this Djibouti goalkeeper moved to an airport in Paris

Nasrodin Aptidon is having a hard time. The substitute goalkeeper for the Djibouti national team has just experienced a terrible international break. His team conceded two stinging defeats, first against Algeria (8-0) then against Niger (2-4). Disappointing results which worry some players, who feel threatened by the regime in place, which has already brought several … Read more

Afghanistan, Bremmer: “The biggest mistake? Leaving Bagram in July. After the Isis attack in Kabul, US reprisals are likely”

The biggest mistake, he says, “was leave Bagram Air Base in July: to evacuate all these people needed an area where they could check security, and this is not the case with Kabul airport ”. But the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, second Ian Bremmer – famous American political scientist, founder of the Eurasia … Read more

Pontecorvo: “Let’s hurry. There is a risk of reprisals and attacks “

Stefano Pontecorvo is the civilian representative of NATO in Afghanistan, and in these hours he leads the coordination of the evacuation at Kabul airport. Ambassador, how is the situation? “It’s always dramatic. The priority is to get these poor people out because they have worked with us for twenty years or more, and they cannot … Read more