Assisted reproductive techniques do not increase the risk of ovarian cancer

MADRID, 18 Nov. (EUROPA PRESS) – Undergoing assisted reproductive technology does not increase women’s risk of developing ovarian cancer, according to new research published in JNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Previous research indicated that women who undergo assisted reproductive technology to have a successful pregnancy could potentially be at risk for ovarian cancer … Read more

Global Market Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) latest analysis Report 2020 – Top Manufacturer and Sellers Cover, Market Share, Size and Industry Growth of Prospect 2025

World Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Market Report 2020 was devised after a comprehensive analysis of various important market factors such as market opportunities, market trends, market challenges, market size. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Market 2020 report contains strategically important data such as TACC value, working capital, company value and book value of leading companies of … Read more

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) industry 2020 Share, opportunities, challenges, trends, size, market dynamics and forecast for 2026

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Market 2026 offers a comprehensive analysis of market dynamics, size, share, manufacturers, types, applications, end user, and regions. The size and forecast of the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) market has been provided in terms of value and volume in this report. A report provides a detailed analysis of the growth rate … Read more

Artificial intelligence to preserve the mother’s reproductive health |

New York – After the completion of the birth process, some doctors sometimes examine the placenta, which is an organ inside the uterus that is connected to the fetus and comes out after childbirth, to ensure that there are no risks to the mother in the event of another pregnancy in the future. But this … Read more

What is the status of reproductive medicine in times of COVID-19

Since the sanction of the national law From medically assisted reproduction (26,862), the number of couples who achieved pregnancy thanks to the new techniques grew exponentially. The same happened with the dissemination of information on the different fertility treatments and their possibilities, from artificial insemination to in vitro fertilization. And, at the same time, the … Read more

Including improving reproductive health and sleep quality .. Learn about the benefits of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds provide the body with many important vitamins and minerals such as healthy fats, magnesium and zinc, so what are the main health benefits that the body gets when eating it? Here are the most prominent of these benefits conveyed by the Medicine website: – Reducing the incidence of cancer: Studies have linked pumpkin … Read more