Arab countries and Turkey condemn attack in France and separate them from Islam

The attack in a Catholic church in the city of Nice, France, it was strongly repudiated by various Arab countries and by Turkey. The leaders of these Muslim majority countries separated the crime from the Islamic religion. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia qualified the event as a terrorist attack and strongly condemn … Read more

In repudiation of Emmanuel Macron’s statements, they organize a boycott against French products in Arab countries

This saturday, Arabian countries they called for a boycott of French products present in their nations. The action occurs after the statements of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, which generated outrage among the citizens of Middle east. The European president indicated that he will not “renounce the publication of the cartoons” of Muhammad. Turkey and … Read more

Total repudiation of Duhalde’s statements

By Oscar Albini The whole world is living very difficult times and our Argentina does not escape it. We are aware that the exit to this Pandemic will leave very important consequences economically, labor, socially and also psychologically; therefore, dialogues and agreements must be deepened. Without giving up convictions and ideals, but it is necessary … Read more

Wide repudiation of the entire political arc and organizations of Duhalde’s statements

Referents from across the political spectrum, officials, legislators and organizations from various sectors rejected the statements of former President Eduardo Duhalde, who held on Monday night and ratified today that there is the possibility of a coup (see related news below) and He doubted that the legislative elections will take place next year. “Argentina already … Read more

Strong repudiation of Duhalde’s prediction of a coup

“Argentina has already decided many years ago to live in a democracy, to bet on the democratic regime. The cry of ‘Never again’ that was heard during the government of Raúl Alfonsín was a flag for all of us afterwards,” said the official at Casa Rosada, and He added: “All political or country project differences … Read more

“Here are pure flaites”: Pablo Aguilera’s controversial joke that caused outrage in Puente Alto | National

A wave of criticism received this Friday the well-known radio host Pablo Aguilera after that during a broadcast on Radio Pudahuel he joked that in Puente Alto “there are pure flaites.” It was during a morning program that Aguilera, in the context of the sighting of a cougar in the aforementioned commune, joked that the … Read more

Repudiation for homophobic attack against Mayor Claudia López

On the morning of this Saturday, while presenting the plan for the green corridor for Carrera Séptima at a public event, Mayor Claudia López suffered a verbal attack due to her sexual orientation. The man rebuked the president of the Colombian capital and with homophobic comments described her as a bad example: “I rebuke her, … Read more

Repudiation for magazine cover that he described as “plus size” look of Queen Máxima’s daughter | Society

The cover of a magazine of the heart that portrayed the queen Holland Maxim and his daughter with a headline alluding to the figure of the teenager caused a strong rejection on Wednesday Argentina. “Máxima’s eldest daughter proudly shows off her ‘plus size” look “”, is the title of the magazine Caras, which generated the … Read more