ChatGPT: New browser plug-in researches the latest information from the web

OpenAI hat {{#url}}ChatGPT{{/url}}{{^url}}ChatGPT{{/url}} expanded, like the AI ​​company {{#url}}informs{{/url}}{{^url}}informs{{/url}} . Because from now on there are the first {{#url}}Plug-ins{{/url}}{{^url}}Plug-ins{{/url}} with which ChatGPT can also be used in other applications. OpenAI describes the purpose of the plug-ins as follows: While not a perfect analogy, plugins can be “eyes and ears” for language models, giving them access … Read more

An international organization reveals the exploitation of “politicians” in the electricity sector in Lebanon

The failure of successive governments to address the electricity crisis in Lebanon and the serious repercussions it poses to the productive sectors prompted Human Rights Watch, for the first time in its history, to classify the citizen’s right to obtain electricity as one of the social and economic human rights, and to consider that the … Read more

Walid Seif’s “Alienation” when it moves from drama to novel

It is common in the cultural world for a writer or other person who specializes in writing drama or film script to turn his fictional work into a novel film A cinematic, television drama, or theatrical work depends on the dialogue, description of the scenes, and the instructions that he writes for the director to … Read more

Asteroids are indestructible piles of debris

A number of astronomers have observed a type of space asteroid that is “difficult to destroy” because it is composed of piles of rocks, and we may need new strategies such as a “nuclear explosion”, in order to deflecting its trajectory and preventing any possible collision with the Earth. The research, published in the journal … Read more

Bayreuth junior professor researches means of transport for cancer drugs

The Bayreuth junior professor Dr. In a study, Meike Leiske demonstrated which properties polymers should have in order to only reach certain cells. In the future, this should allow active substances to reach cancer cells directly and spare the healthy cells. Due to their diversity and comparatively low manufacturing costs, synthetic polymers are promising carrier … Read more

Mental health patients in Britain die of starvation and neglect

The Independent revealed that failure methodology in presenting care Basic physical in sections Psychological health NHS disease leads to patient deaths across the country despite repeated warnings from forensic pathologists over the past decade. An investigation revealed at least 50 “prevent future deaths” reports that coroners used to warn the NHS of common failure points, … Read more

New Alzheimer’s drug proves effective in slowing cognitive decline

A number of scientists expressed, on Wednesday, November 30 (November), their satisfaction with the detailed results of a clinical study on a new drug that confirmed its effectiveness in slowing down… cognitive decline for patients with diseaseAlzheimer’s neurodegenerative, but they also talked about the potential for negative effects. The full results of this advanced (Phase … Read more

Is the dream of the Japanese “Blue Lock” in the World Cup realistic?

Perhaps Karen Payne, a professor at the University of Fairfordshire in Britain, was right when she said that “the mind is what you wear,” a sentence that came as the title of her book, which talks about the direct impact between what a person wears and his self-confidence. After several scientific studies, Karen reported that … Read more

The lobbies of mental health hospitals in Britain are absent from their directors

Director warned Psychological health In the NHS, its affiliated institutions and hospitals have told department managers to work seven days a week amid national safety concerns. Claire Murdoch, NHS England’s national director of mental health, said she was “shocked” to hear that some department managers in NHS Trusts and Trusts do not work or oversee … Read more

Alexandra researches tumor-related viruses in the upper respiratory tract

That’s what Alexandra Schindele says, who is a senior physician in ear, nose and throat diseases and works at Östersund Hospital. She has been employed here since 1995. – I am married to Mattias and have three children, two have moved away and are studying elsewhere, but my youngest daughter still lives at home, she … Read more