In Poland, a group of government medical experts have resigned

A statement from the Advisory Committee of Medical Experts said the experts were resigning because of the “insufficient impact” of their recommendations on the government. Their report, circulated by the Polish news agency PAP, was published just days after the 38 million Poland, with a population of over 100,000, death threshold from COVID-19. Doctors have … Read more

Meeting in Wolf’s Lair: The German marshal resigned, to warn Hitler

Although the German campaign in the Soviet Union was initially rapid, by the end of 1941 it was already clear that the card was turning. In the first half of December, the Central Army Group attacking Moscow was virtually stopped on the Soviet capital and thrown back by a surprising and strong enemy counterattack up … Read more

Petr Rychlý resigned: SEKL PLAYING DUE TO HAZARD ?!

From 1998 to 2012, Petr shone at the Na Fidlovačce Theater in Prague, from where the current director of the Vinohrady stage Tomáš Töpfer(71) pulled to him. He shone for ten years He became a member of the Vinohrady Theater ensemble in September 2012. Without nine months, he shone on the sought-after stage for almost … Read more

R. Karbauskis addressed the President: G. Landsbergis must be resigned before it is too late

Without silencing the discussions on the foreign policy of the rulers, Ramūnas Karbauskis, the leader of the “peasants”, addressed President Gitan Nausėda publicly. According to R. Karbauskis, the head of Lithuanian diplomacy Gabrielius Landsbergis must be removed as soon as possible. “President, Minister Gabriel Landsberg must be resigned before it is too late,” R. Karbauskis … Read more

Karbauskis addressed the president publicly: Landsbergis must be resigned before it is too late

“President, Minister Gabriel Landsberg must be resigned before it is too late,” R. Karbauskis wrote in a Facebook account on Wednesday. According to the “peasant”, the president made a mistake by approving the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ingrida Šimonytė more than a year ago, in which the portfolio of foreign ministers went … Read more

Scandal with Belaruskali – Head of Lithuanian Railways resigned on 4 January

Mantas Bartushka, the general director of the state enterprise Lithuanian Railways, resigned as head of the department. He made this decision after the scandal with the transit of Belarusian potash fertilizers through Lithuania. “Taking into account the existing risks and the need to diversify its activities, the plan of the Lithuanian Railways for 2022 was … Read more

In three months, the prime minister has been fired, reinstated and resigned. That may be good news.

Sudan’s path to democracy is facing a challenging time. It can be demanding for Norway. The Prime Minister of Sudan resigned on Sunday night. The country is now facing an unstable political situation. Foto: Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah, Reuters/NTB 4. jan. 2022 08:35 Last updated today at 12:44 There is little doubt that Sudanese Prime Minister … Read more

“I was not dismissed, I resigned from the Young CDH”, proclaims Opaline Meunier

This Thursday, the general assembly of the Young CDH recorded the resignation of its president, Opaline Meunier. La Montoise has decided to withdraw a few months from the new elections. “I’m taking a break to devote myself to a new challenge. “ ****** ** ****** **** ********* ************** **** *********** *** ****** **** ******** ********* … Read more

His wife had already resigned from Mr. Big

His wife had already resigned from Mr. Big 2021-12-30 / Author: Cake with whipped cream / Other, relationship In vain did he hope to spend the holidays with his wife Chris Noth, an actor accused of sexual harassment or violence by the four women, spent the holiday alone. Although the Sex and New York star … Read more

Who is Willix Halim? Substitute for the CEO of Bukalapak who resigned

Jakarta – Bukalapak CEO Rahmat Kaimuddin resign. For the time being, Willix Halim will lead the captain e-Commerce this local one, who is he? Willix Halim was appointed as the interim CEO of Bukalapak. Announcement of Willix as Acting President Director of Bukalapak. “Today announced Willix Halim as Acting President Director of Bukalapak during the … Read more