Carolina Cruz says if she is leaving Colombia, and if she resigned from Caracol and television

It happened in an Instagram quiz game and after the famous woman from Valle del Cauca clarified if she has a daughter, in addition to Matías and Salvador. “I did not move from the country. Here I am in Colombia and here I stay “, she expressed the 43 year old celebrity. (See also: Carolina … Read more

Guoan official: Xie Feng resigned as head coach and Sui Dongliang became interim head coach – yqqlm

Original title: Guoan official: Xie Feng resigned as head coach and Sui Dongliang became interim head coach On August 12, Beijing time, after the 1-5 defeat in the newly-promoted three towns of Wuhan, the Guoan Club officially announced that Xie Feng, the head coach of the first team of Beijing Guoan Football Club, resigned as … Read more

It lasted two days: Journalist Pascual Pichún resigned from Seremi de La Araucanía after controversy

The journalist Pascual Pichún Collonao resigned this Friday from his position in the Regional Ministerial Secretariat of Health of La Araucaníadue to the controversy caused by the information that he had served a sentence for a crime of rural violence in the zone. His departure was communicated by the Seremi, through a statement, which pointed … Read more

Miss Bimbo revealed the reason why she resigned from LPA: “I’m burned out”

Miss Bimbo spoke about his unexpected resignation from “the fucking mistress” (America TV) in a note offered to “Show Partners“(The Thirteen) and confessed what the real reason was. The expansionist of the cycle of Florence Pena He confessed how he is after his departure from the program: “I’m fine because I left, you’re wrong if … Read more

The NBA legend resigned from the management of the Pacers

A legend of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Larry Birdas has decided to retire from an active role in the Indiana Pacers organization. Team president Kevin Pritchard confirmed that L.Bird has not been contributing to decision-making for some time. “Yeah, he’s not active anymore, but look, Larry is a good friend of mine and coach … Read more

Italy. Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned. Earlier, his government received a vote of confidence in the Senate

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi resigned to President Sergio Mattarelli on Thursday morning, the Presidential Palace informed after the morning meeting of politicians. The issued statement said that the head of state acknowledged the prime minister’s decision. The day before, his government received a vote of confidence in the Senate, but three large coalition groups … Read more

Executive tried to “seize” customer databases, resigned and went to another bank

“Before resigning from his job, a former Banco Santander executive proceeded to send himself a series of databases with sensitive customer information to his personal email. This conduct constitutes an improper seizure of information contained in the computer system of Banco Santander”. This is part of the criminal complaint filed by the financial institution against … Read more

UK: Over 50 members have resigned

The walrus that has been nicknamed “Freya” is still in the Oslo Fjord. It writes Eastern Police District on Twitter. Now it is in the fjord outside Frogn municipality. – The walrus mentioned earlier has moved, but is still along the sea in Frogn. We ask that people who come across the animal keep their … Read more

Pete Arredondo, the police chief who led operations at Uvalde Elementary School, has resigned from the city council

Pete Arredondo, the police chief of the Uvalde school district, the American city in which last May 24 19 children and two teachers had been killed in a massacre, he resigned from the city council. For weeks there has been discussion of how the police have handled the emergency incorrectly, avoiding raiding and giving the … Read more

“City councilor resigned in exchange for hiring his son” –

from Luigi Ferrarella The Brescia politician Giovanni Francesco Acri left his seat on the City Council to Giangiacomo Calovini: according to the accusation, in exchange his twenty-year-old son was hired by the Brothers of Italy MEP as assistant. The reply: No wrongdoing, I’m more than serene After all, in politics, if the Milan Public Prosecutor’s … Read more