‘I Resisted His Kisses as Well as His Religion’: Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Laila Ali ‘Dreaded’ Her Father’s Faith as a Child

Laila Ali stands tall among the greatest and most pioneering female boxers. She may not have reached the heights where he father stood. However, her place among the luminaries of boxing remains unmarred. But, it was not easy for the two-division title holder—the former champion shakes out impressions from her childhood in her best-selling autobiography. … Read more

an axis between friendship and chat. So the mayor resisted the pressure from the other front – Corriere.it

For some time the two have had a chat, between strategies and teasing, with the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori and with the mayor of Bari Antonio Decaro Stefano Bonaccini e Dario Nardella they are anything but an odd couple. The two have known each other for some time. They are friends. They have had … Read more

He resisted the Nazis, escaped the Communists. Musila broke until the invasion, he died mysteriously

From a skier to a fighter Cyril Musil was born on November 26, 1907 in Studnice (today Nové Město na Moravě) and stood on skis for the first time at the age of three. His racing career began during his military service in Jihlava, when in 1928 he drew attention to himself with his performances … Read more

The fire in Urumqi ignited a wave of anti-blockade protests in China, and the Internet called for a “white paper movement”. Shanghai citizens: Those who resisted finally came together-The Reporter

On the streets of Shanghai in the early hours of the 26th, the commemoration of the fire in Urumqi turned into a protest rally. The police asked, “Who organized this incident?” Many people shouted: “I organized it, I organized it! The Chinese organized it!” Another On the one hand, college students in the area where … Read more

“The indelible memory of Maroni?”, at the funeral Borghezio recounts the police raid on the headquarters of the League: “We resisted, then they beat us”

On the day of the funeral of Robert Maroni, Mario Borghezio remember an episode from 1996, when i policemen raided the headquarters of the Northern League as part of an investigation into the “green shirts”. He also attended Maroni’s funeral Gianluca Savoini, protagonist of the investigations into the alleged Russian funds of the League. When … Read more

An evolution so rare, that it resisted even hackers and miners: this is the Pokémon Finizen / Palafin duo – Pokémon Scarlet / Purple

As becomes tradition in the saga, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple have suffered a mass leak during the weeks leading up to the launch —which, of course, we at 3DJuegos were neither authorized nor willing to share— bringing an encyclopedic knowledge of names, statistics and other details equally treasured by the developers to all corners … Read more

Nakashima – Lehečka 4:3, 4:3, 4:2, Lehečka bravely resisted, but lost in the dramatic final of the Under-21 Tournament of Champions

Lehečka qualified for the tournament as the first Czech tennis player in history. He played against Nakashima for the second time in the Allianz Cloud Arena and, just like in the basic group with the 21-year-old American, he did not even play a set. At the same time, he entered the final well and led … Read more

Project Big resisted. Ondra has not yet climbed the new, extremely difficult route in Norway

Adam Ondra did not climb the new, extremely difficult route he had prepared in Flatanger, Norway. When the conditions were the best for a successful attempt, he fell ill. His rival and friend Jakob Schubert, who spent a month’s expedition in the north of Europe with him, also failed. The route is located in the … Read more

The Russians’ nightmare: Mobilization is resisted. He’d rather break his arms or choose prison

Analysis of Putin’s speech: What did he want to say to Russia and the world? On Wednesday, for example, the Tavrichesky shopping center in St. Petersburg fell silent. Instead of classic activities, traders and all visitors focused on the president’s speech. “Like in some movie from the eighties,” one of them commented on the situation … Read more

Netflix banned the actors from working elsewhere, but they resisted

Netflix demanded exclusivity for actors even when they were on hiatus and doing nothing. So they had to refuse to work in other series and films. It will now have to allow a three-month “no-conflict period” after each season so that the actors can appear in any show on other televisions and online platforms. The … Read more