Gold is not a good way to invest –

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Opponents of the Kremlin called the invasion of Belgorod a success –

× <!– –> (1/1) The groups that launched the attack on Russian territory assured that there will be more similar operations. Associative EPA-Elta photo. Download ‘; document.getElementById(‘gallery_mobile_banner’).style.display = ‘inline-block’; $jQuery_1_10_1(‘#galleryMobileBanner’).empty(); $jQuery_1_10_1(‘#galleryMobileBanner’).append(galleryMobileBanner); $jQuery_1_10_1(‘.lazy-banner-mobile-gallery’).Lazy(); if (screen.width <!– –> 1 photo The groups that carried out the attack on Russian territory assured that there will be more similar … Read more

What do the stars promise for Tuesday? (May 16) –

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V. Čmilytė-Nielsen will block the streets of Vilnius –

Published: May 13, 2023 06:00:00, “Vakaro žinios” Elite news × <!– –> ‘; document.getElementById(‘gallery_mobile_banner’).style.display = ‘inline-block’; $jQuery_1_10_1(‘#galleryMobileBanner’).empty(); $jQuery_1_10_1(‘#galleryMobileBanner’).append(galleryMobileBanner); $jQuery_1_10_1(‘.lazy-banner-mobile-gallery’).Lazy(); if (screen.width <!– –> 1 photo Arūnas Bernack’s collage Liberals feel an irrepressible urge to cause problems for Vilnius drivers. At the beginning of June, they will be held by the Speaker of the Seimas, Viktorija … Read more

Absurdity in the face of the threat of war –

“Are former communists a problem and the most important issue today?” Absurdity takes place in the face of the threat of war,” says the signatory. – The former membership of the Communist Party of President Gitanas Nausėda, which was made public, renewed discussions on the topic of decommunization. To the Seimas, conservatives submit a bill … Read more

What do the stars promise for Tuesday? (May 2) –

ARIES. Apparently, other people’s views on your ideas will be of interest. You will feel watched and appreciated. It will be quite easy to be impressed and impressed. Just don’t abuse connections, status. TAURUS. Business activities should go well. Perhaps thoughts will arise about the need to change work, lifestyle. It is useful to pay … Read more

The Pope warns against indifference in V. Orban’s Hungary –

1 photo Pope warns against indifference in Orban’s Hungary. EPA-ELTA photo. On Saturday St. About 600 refugees, mostly from Ukraine, as well as poor people, listened to the Pope in the Elizabeth Church in Budapest, and about a thousand more gathered outside. After listening to some of their life stories, including Oleh Yakovlev, a father … Read more

Swedbank’s net profit in Lithuania increased four times –

It is indicated that the increase in income had the greatest influence on the growth of profit. The report also states that Swedbank’s total revenue in Lithuania in the first quarter of 2023 amounted to 164 million. euros. The bank’s net commission income amounted to 30 million. EUR, and net interest income amounted to EUR … Read more

US government critic Tucker Karlson has left Fox News –

× <!– –> (1/1) Tucker Carlson on air. Stop-frame Download <!– –> 1 photo Tucker Carlson on air. Stop shot TV presenter Tucker Carlson, who repeatedly harshly criticized the current US government, has terminated his cooperation with the Fox News channel, it was announced in a press release issued by the channel on Monday. TV … Read more