Dacia Duster: The refurbished SUV revealed prices. It ceases to be cheap – News – Car

Dacia showed the restored Duster a few days ago. Just a year after modernization. Along with that comes a higher price. Nevertheless, Duster is still trying to stay grounded. Photo: Dacia Dacia – a new visual identity 2022 The new visual identity brought Duster a new mask with a new logo and chrome segments creating … Read more

Two trains blocked between Leuven and Liège because of a stork: traffic restored

It appeared that a stork had caused a short circuit. The line reopened around 3:30 p.m. Two trains were blocked as a result of this incident. The first was a Thalys from Paris heading for Cologne with some 250 passengers on board. The train was able to leave shortly before 2:00 p.m. The other train, … Read more

A mural by Maurice Richard will be restored

Vandalized in December 2020, a mural paying tribute to legendary hockey player Maurice Richard will be restored in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough. • Read also: The gap between champions and contenders During the borough council meeting held earlier this week, on June 7, a motion was adopted to “grant financial support of $12,000 to Ahuntsic-Cartierville Crime … Read more

Not playing, Toyota Kijang Doyok was restored after Rp 145 million

Dwi Wahyu R./GridOto.com The second generation Toyota Kijang (KF20), popularly called Toyota Kijang Doyok in Jakarta (9/6/22) GridOto.com – Toyota Kijang first launched in Indonesia on Thursday, June 9, 1977 at the Hilton Hotel, Jakarta. So today Toyota Kijang celebrates its 45th anniversary. Dwi Wahyu R./GridOto.com Results restoration Toyota Kijang Doyok (KF20) in Jakarta Happy … Read more

Metro restored its service and operates normally on line A

After two hours of delays in dispatching its trains on line A, The Medellin Metro reported that it has already managed to restore the service on a regular basis. As the company commented on its social networks, the delays on the route that covers the La Estrella and Niquía stations, and vice versa, They were … Read more

Monument in the old cemetery has been restored with care

The delegations from the community, the local community and the historical association were informed by Hans Schmid about the history and importance of the tomb. The memorial in Aarburg commemorates Rudolf Grossmann, an important personality, and a time when the textile industry in the Aare town was booming. Hardly anyone has noticed the tomb in … Read more

Traffic between Western and Central Warsaw was restored

“The scheduled traffic of trains on the section Warszawa Zachodnia-Warszawa Centralna has been restored; trains that are on the road are going according to schedule, the situation is generally stabilizing” – emphasized Jakubowski. He added that despite this, some trains that were already delayed due to the failure still have them, and it takes time … Read more

With the co-financing of the municipality, 50 cultural and historical buildings and their elements will be restored in Riga

Riga City Council The Commission for Degrading Buildings has approved more than 50 projects in a tender for co-financing the renovation of historic buildings in Riga. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The tender announced by the municipality for owners of historic houses to receive co-financing for the renovation of buildings is taking place … Read more

Rytas, who was “washed” at home and a half, restored his balance of power

Friday’s duel was not as one-sided as the final result, as evidenced by the technical foul of the hosts’ coach Giedrius Žibėnas. The Alytus team, who started the meeting better, held the first half and a half ahead, but later completely lost their defense in the morning. The people of Vilnius scored 20: 2, and … Read more

The flag of the USSR is hoisted in the Kherson region near the administration building and the Lenin monument is restored / Article

“A monument to Lenin has been re-established in the temporarily occupied Henichesk,” he said. According to Most, a local collaborator, Ganadi Malyukov, who has been appointed chief of the local militia by the occupiers, has published a photo on social media showing that a monument to Lenin was erected at the former site of the … Read more