MRIs reveal early brain aging in teens

— Darren Baker / The examination of pre-pandemic and post-containment scanners has revealed significant changes in the brain of adolescents, corresponding to premature aging of the latter. Accelerated aging of about three years In the context of work published in the journal Biological Psychiatry : Global Open Science,US researchers compared pre-MRI scanspandemic of 81 … Read more

The smartphone hides unimaginable secret codes: we are ready to reveal them!

Did you know that there are hidden codes in the smartphone? The telephone keyboard hides a world to be discovered. From your mobile phone, you can access various functions simply by knowing what you type on the keyboard. Most people are convinced of know your smartphone perfectly. Can use apps i socialaccess emails, search, … Read more

A “study” reveals a famous fruit that protects people from sunburn and skin cancer…and the amount allowed per day

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A study found that eating 60 grapes a day can help prevent people from getting sunburn. The results indicated that individuals who ate the fruit daily for two weeks had better protection against skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, which causes fatal melanomas. The researchers, led by Professor John Pezzotto, from Western New … Read more

Often stay up late watching the World Cup, young people are shocked, their faces suddenly turn sour, doctors reveal important facts

TRIBUNJATIM.COM – A young man experienced a terrible state of affairs stay up late for example World Cup. His face suddenly perot to be treated by a doctor. It was revealed that the young man’s sleeping habits were for the sake of watching movies World Cup. Of course, World Cup is an exciting event for … Read more

“Not Salem Al-Dosari.” Watch.. Jamal Aref reveals the best Saudi player! • Sports Observatory

Sports Observatory: Sports critic Jamal Aref said that there must be coordination between the clubs and the management of the teams, in order to apply the professionalism of the full day. “Jamal Aref” added, in televised statements on the “Action with Walid” program: “There must be cooperation between Renard and the coaches of the Olympic … Read more

Reveal renewed set of Married with Children: protagonists will wear striking looks in the new season | Entertainment and Shows

During the day of this Tuesday, Mega launched an innovative project that seeks to bring television closer to the public by showing some scenery from different programs on the channel, such as Married with children. In that context, Page 7 participated in the launch of MegaExperiencewhere we were able to talk with part of the … Read more

SPECTACULAR theft in England: luxury cars with a total value of 813,000 euros stolen, the police reveal the images

Five luxury cars have been stolen from an industrial unit in Essex, England. The thieves broke into the unit of Bullphanin the east of the country, in November and managed to steal cars with a total value of more than 813,000 euros. The police were called to the unit of Brentwood Road shortly after midnight … Read more

Artist Khaled Abdel Rahman reveals for the first time the story of his relationship with a girl he fell in love with… and thanks her for this reason! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist, Khaled Abdel-Rahman, talked about the love story that he lived and affected his life, saying: “I did not believe in love, and I was mocking those who loved, and I fell into a quarrel.” Khaled Abdul Rahman explained, during an interview with him on “Qatar Channel”: “I was mocking those who … Read more

Shanna Kress and Jonathan reveal the authentic images of the birth of their son (VIDEO)

Tweeter Share on Facebook Shanna Kress and Jonathan had promised it: they shared the bottom of the arrival of their son Loüka in a YouTube video unveiled this Monday, December 5, two weeks after his birth. The continuation under this advertisement On November 20, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas experienced a big turning point in … Read more

The “vile” backstage of the match Poland – France. Journalists reveal what happened

After going down to the locker room after 45 minutes of the game, the coach Didier Deschamps he was very firm, though he did not raise his voice. He urged players to move more, get into position more often and make fewer mistakes. Antoine Griezmann gave the most advice, e.g. to cover the right side … Read more