A photo with Zeng Guocheng in the past…Millions of Internet celebrities were blasted to kill many women “board game shop as a motorcycle” I confessed to reveal the truth | Society | CTWANT

Yu Shanghong was invited to participate in the show and took a photo with the host Zeng Guocheng. (Picture / recapitulated from Duoduo Movie Blog) Yu Shanghong, a well-known film critic on the blog “watch more movies”, was exposed to cheating on several women, and even used the board game shop he opened as a … Read more

What do the oldest meteorite remains on Earth reveal?

After the Great Bombardment in Prehistory, the remains of one of the oldest meteorites were buried in Australia. After millions of years, he saw the light again. 4 billion years ago, a violent event rocked the Solar system. Known as ‘the great bombardment‘, caused the Earth and Moon to receive countless meteorite impacts. The scars … Read more

Researchers Reveal New Perspectives on the Basic Structure of the Universe

KLATEN FLASH – Researchers have used simulations to investigate cosmic webs, patterns of galactic filaments that exist on a large scale throughout the universe. By treating the distribution of galaxies as a collection of points and applying mathematical techniques developed for the materials science, they have measured the relative disorder of the universe and gained … Read more

The domestic roguelike war chess game “Strange Land Lost” launched the preemptive experience on the 24th to reveal the secrets of the different world continent

Produced by Taiwan’s independent game development team “Ina Production Team”Vagus(The Rondeau of Astra)” is scheduled to start early access on the PC (Steam) platform on March 24, and the official release of the game’s new promotional video and character PV. Players will operate the “main fighter” in the game to advance the plot, defeat enemies, … Read more

“Saudi Idol” winner, Hams Fikry, reveals secrets about her life, her real name, and her age • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Hams Fikry, winner of the title “Saudi Idol” in its first season, revealed her real name and age. And she said during a video clip that her real name is “Zainab”, while Hams Fikri is the artistic name she adopts. Adding that she is 29 years old, and that her singing career is … Read more

Ukraine, between trenches and firefights: the GoPros of the soldiers reveal what Bakhmut looks like today

The images recorded by the GoPros of the soldiers of the 1st Ukrainian assault battalion stationed in Bakhmut, on the front line, show what the town looks like today. President Zelensky says it every night, Bakhmut is vital, he cannot be dropped and it’s not just a matter of symbols. The north-south line, which runs … Read more

Leaked pictures of the HUAWEI FreeBuds 5 box reveal a new and unique design!?

HUAWEI is another brand that always has something to wow us. Both smartwatches that change the case, WATCH GT Cyber, or innovative smartwatches with headphones in the example of the latest WATCH Buds are HUAWEI FreeBuds 5, a new wireless headphone with a very innovative design. more! When a picture of the box package of … Read more

Skypost Medical Center|Hong Kong man suffered from constipation for several months to reveal colorectal cancer with a few millimeters left in the bowel and passed away after defecating for several months – Skypost – Health – Tumors and Cancer

Constipation or changes in bowel habits are common urban diseases. Many people think that just paying attention to diet and eating more vegetables will help relieve the condition. However, if these symptoms appear suddenly and last for a long time, be careful. Gastroenterology and liver specialist Huang Ziqun shared a case with “Sky Post” that … Read more

Scientists reveal goals for a future lunar research station

Par : Laura| Key words : China,research,MoonFrench.china.org.cn | Updated on 17-03-2023 Scientists have proposed several goals for a future international lunar research station, including observing Earth from the moon and utilizing lunar resources, China Science Daily said in its Friday edition. Zou Yongliao, head of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Lunar and Deep Space Exploration … Read more