Velvet Magazine | Elliot Page’s wife supports the actor after revealing that he is transgender

“I’m very proud,” the professional dancer wrote in an Instagram post. By Rommy Buchholz S. During yesterday’s session, the Canadian actor known for his participation in Juno Y The Umbrella Academy, made known through a letter that identifies as transgender and not binary. Social networks were filled with messages of support and even TT was … Read more

Chrissy Teigen defends Meghan Markle from those who criticize her for revealing the news of her abortion – E! Online Latino

Web trolls did not hesitate to question the sad loss of the Duchess of Sussex. Chrissy Teigen didn’t hesitate to defend Meghan Markle from internet haters. In response to a viral tweet on Wednesday, November 25, criticizing anyone who criticized Markle’s personal essay at the New York Times About her recent miscarriage, a Twitter user … Read more

“COVID is real”: Kalimba alarmed his followers by revealing his contagion with a photo in bed

At the end of March, the singer asked society to show empathy with those who could not keep the quarantine (Photo: Instagram @kalimbaoficial)Kalimba joined the ever-growing list of celebrities who have tested positive for COVID-19. Through your account Instagram, the musician shared a somewhat cryptic image, as he appears with his eyes closed, shirtless and … Read more

b’Ars, revealing the invisible | Barcelona Cultura

The international visual arts competition b’Ars will celebrate the November 27 and 28 its seventh edition. The quote has as its motto“Revealing the invisible“and wants to show the creative talent that hides behind visual effects and animation. This year, as a novelty, the fair will be 100% virtual and free. In addition, as usual, the … Read more

Revealing report on a secret Hamas unit in Turkey

A report in the British newspaper The Times, based on Western intelligence sources, assures that the terrorist organization Hamas has operated a secret unit in Istanbul for two years without the knowledge of the Turkish authorities. The article published on Thursday claims that this unit is engaged in cyber intelligence under direct instructions from the … Read more

The Chavista regime said it will receive local and foreign investment without revealing the origin of the funds to avoid sanctions

The city, which was one of the points on the planet hardest hit by the pandemic, resumed classroom classes. With 1.1 million students, they seem to show a hope of recovery and project themselves as a model for the whole of the United States, where the transmission of the coronavirus increases in the general population.

The revealing testimony of a former member of the Farc that gives clues about the crime of A. Gómez – Peace Process – Politics

The first time that a group of members of the former FARC spoke openly about the assassination of Álvaro Gómez Hurtado was in a camp called La Cachamera, a paradisiacal natural setting of humid jungles, forests and bushes, in Caguán. It was May 2000. (You may be interested in: The book in which ‘Tirofijo’ recognized … Read more

Concern continues after revealing new data on Fredy Villarreal’s health: “The doctors turned him around”

A few days ago the news of the hospitalization of Fredy Villarreal in intensive care, after his coronavirus case got complicated. It was Marcela tauro in Fantino in the afternoon the person in charge of communicating it in front of all her colleagues. «He was hospitalized three hours ago. He’s in therapy, but he’s not … Read more

The dizzying life of Christian Nodal after revealing his romance with Belinda

Christian Nodal has remained in recent weeks more besieged than usual by the press (Photo: Instagram @nodal)Christian Nodal is already used to being successful in his musical career and being the subject of public interest; Her artistic career has given her great satisfaction since she released her first musical work at the age of 17. … Read more

Summer Ester: dancing in a swimsuit and revealing by the pool!

She didn’t miss the summer boarding again. It was to be expected that Ester Ledecká would spend a moment under the shining rays of the sun on the water at her favorite pastime, which according to many may also become her backup Olympic chance. It was with this tool that the winter Olympic winner managed … Read more