Star guests will once again compete in the show Na lovu. Will one of them also wear the legendary orange shorts?

The audience’s popular knowledge show TV Nova On the hunt, moderated by Ondřej Sokol, has already surprised us with four competitors from the ranks of celebrities, when the proceeds did not go into their pockets, of course, but to charity. Ondřej Sokol welcomed actor Jakub Prachar, moderator and entertainer Aleš Háma, actress Ester Geislerová and … Read more

Geňa’s unteachable troublemaker: PROHIBITION FROM A FRIEND

Not even after a few falls Richard Genzer the smile on his face hadn’t disappeared, and although many would have come to be in his skin, he himself could now wave a hand over some critical moments. Having a houseboat was Geno’s old dream, and when things could move, there was no reason to put … Read more