“Barcelona” is preparing to get rid of G. Pique in a gentlemanly manner

2022-09-22 15:21 © AFP photo The Barcelona team has decided to say goodbye to the team’s long-time defender Gerard Pique. It is true that the Catalans will do this without raising scandals, but using a clause in the contract. According to Mundo Deportivo, the La Liga side have the right to terminate the veteran’s contract … Read more

How to get rid of lice ?

THE ESSENTIAL Studies show that hair type, sex or age have no influence in the choice of a host by the lice, according to Health Insurance. In practice, infestations mainly concern 4-12 year olds and at least three girls for every boy. The use of a lice comb is recommended but only in addition to … Read more

How to get rid of spiders at home? A cheap, effective and natural remedy helps

It’s the height of spider mating season right now, which means that we won’t have the nicest-looking creatures visiting our house until mid-October. The spiders crawling on the floor are likely to be male spiders looking for a female, Express.co.uk writes. After September and October, the number of spiders inside the house decreases. Many people … Read more

Know the Causes and How to Get Rid of Black Eye Bags

KOMPAS.com – Black eye bags are common. Usually also accompanied by swollen eye bags. Many think that dark eye bags are caused by lack of sleep. Also read: 5 Easy Ways to Overcome Eye Bags In fact, there are many causes and there are also several how to get rid of dark eye bags such … Read more

Kristina Bukhynbalte from “House-2” got rid of the baby

Christina built a relationship with Ivan Barzikov, who has a wife outside the perimeter. After another quarrel, the girl took a desperate step. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: Barzikov and Bukhynbalte were together for six months. During this time, they parted several times and converged again. Christina declared that she did not want to … Read more

The most effective remedies for bronchitis. Get rid of cough and shortness of breath naturally without pills

Bronchitis is a respiratory infection caused by viruses, bacteria, but also by irritating factors, such as smoking or pollution. The main symptoms of bronchitis are cough with sputum, a feeling of pressure on the chest, blocked nose and difficult breathing, but, depending on the causes, other manifestations may also appear, such as fever or chills, … Read more

Do you have mold in your bathroom? Get rid of it without chemicals!

Even the most perfect bathroom care sometimes does not prevent mold from forming. They tend to multiply especially between tiles. Get rid of the mold as soon as possible, because the affected areas spread quickly. However, you don’t have to immediately reach for chemical preparations, try natural helpers instead. See how to do it. We … Read more