4 Facts about Removing the Church Label from the Tents for Cianjur Earthquake Victims, Here’s Ridwan Kamil’s Response: Okezone Nasional

JAKARTA – A video has gone viral on social media, which depicts a group of people removing the church’s label on aid to the victims of the Cianjur Earthquake. This was regretted by many parties because it was considered an act of intolerance. Here are 5 facts from the incident. 1. Ridwan Kamil Murka West … Read more

Prosecutor Asks AKBP Ridwan about the Expressions of Sambo’s Men Watching CCTV

Jakarta – The public prosecutor (JPU) questioned the former head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the South Jakarta Police (Jaksel), AKBP Ridwan Soplanit about AKBP Arif Rachman Arifin’s expression while watching the CCTV video showing Brigadier N Joshua Hutabarat is still alive. Ridwan said that at that time he could not see Arif’s expression … Read more

New Facts Revealed! Ridwan Soplanit admits that he met Ferdy Sambo through the back door of the TKP, why?

AYOJAKARTA.COM – Follow-up trial of the case premeditated murder Brigadier J was held again at the South Jakarta District Court after being postponed for a week. The trial which took place Monday (21/11/2022) presented three defendants in the murder case Brigadier J that is Richard Eliezer, Ricky Rizal and Maruf strong. Not only that, the … Read more

Ridwan Kamil is furious to see this figure’s behavior during the Great Fire in the Bandung City Hall Area

PRFMNEWS – Governor of West Java (West Java) Ridwan Kamil made furious to see the relaxed behavior of three male figures when fire great happened in the Building BappelitbangHall Bandungtoday, Monday 7 November 2022. Ridwan Kamil judging the casual behavior of these three men while fire hit the building BappelitbangHall Bandung this is very dangerous … Read more

Airlangga says Ridwan Kamil’s plan to join Golkar is still being discussed

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chairman of the Golkar Party Airlangga Hartarto said the West Java Governor’s plan Ridwan Kamil joining the Golkar Party is still under discussion. “It’s under discussion,” said Airlangga at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Monday, October 31, 2022. The discourse of Kang Emil, Ridwan Kamil’s nickname, to become a Golkar Party cadre … Read more

Ridwan Kamil’s Surprised Seeing the Mosque Prince MBZ Gift for Jokowi

Saturday, October 29, 2022 – 11:34 WIB National VIVA – Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil accompanied by the Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka review development projects Masjid Raya Sheikh Zayed in Gilingan, Banjarsari, Solo, Saturday, October 29, 2022. The governor who is familiarly called Kang Emil was amazed by the mosque building as … Read more

Ridwan Kamil, Sandiaga Uno, and AHY The Highest Electability Candidate Figures

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – R&D poll Compass shows that the middle board presidential candidate has high electability as a vice presidential candidate (cawapres). The survey, which took place from September 24 to October 7, recorded the three cawapres figures that the public were most interested in: Ridwan Kamil, Sandiaga Unoand Anies Baswedan. Emil has an electoral … Read more

Called Quiet by Ridwan Kamil, How Many Passengers Are LRT Palembang Currently?

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Operations Palembang LRT is being discussed, after the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil said that the mode of public transportation was empty of passengers. In a discussion, he had mentioned that there was a failure in the decision-making process for the Palembang LRT development, so the result is currently the mode … Read more

Measuring Palembang LRT Performance After Ridwan Kamil’s Criticism

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil criticize Palembang LRT as a failed project. That’s because the decision to build LRT for welcoming the 2018 Asian Games. “There is also a concept, I tell you about failure decision (decision making) Rp9 trillion makes the Palembang LRT,” said Emil, his nickname, quoted from … Read more

Having criticized the LRT, Ridwan Kamil apologizes to Palembang residents

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil apologized to the people of Palembang after criticizing the development LRT in the city. “Apologies to the people of Palembang. If the discussion points of the Development Study in Jababeka related to transportation case studies are considered less favorable,” he said through his Instagram account @ridwankamil, … Read more