Historical milestone: The first registered supersport Rimac Nevera is in the world!

The fastest production car in the world (a quarter-mile sprint) has finally reached its first registered piece in a few years. If we should mention one carmaker that is not well-established and about which there is a lot of (rightfully) hearing lately, it is Rimac. The Croatian supersport manufacturer Rimac Automobili was founded in 2009 … Read more

Mate Rimac wants the Motor Valley: does he challenge Ferrari and Lamborghini, or does he want them as allies?

One can build one electric hypercar of the highest level? Rimac has already shown that it is possible, with his C_Two, which has since become Fridge in the standard version. This was just before the company also took control of the Bugatti brand, and transformed itself into Bugatti-Rimacin a kind of company reorganization together with … Read more

Yahaira Plasencia showed the house where she lived in Rímac, but they deny it

yahaira plasenciawho was recently involved in the legal problems that Pancho Rodríguez has to return to Peru, would not have been honest about his childhood experience. The digital space Instarándula shared images of a photo shoot in an old neighborhood in Rímac made with sauce, where he pointed to the door of a house, assuring … Read more

Accident in Matucana: tanker truck carrying ammonium nitrate overturned into the Rímac river RMMN | LIME

Lima, March 5, 2022Updated on 03/05/2022 07:35 pm One person was injured after the overturning of a Zetramsa company tanker truck, which was transporting ammonium nitrate to the Toromocho mining unit owned by Chinalco Perú SA, at km. 87 of the central highway (Ocatara Tunnel) in matucanain the province of Huarochirí. KNOW MORE | La … Read more

Bugatti Chiron is completely sold out, but the carmaker will not be bored

The carmaker sold out the remaining production slots last year, but still has to manufacture and deliver the cars. At the beginning of the new year, the carmakers publish various sales statistics, in which production and sales numbers in the order of hundreds of thousands of different models appear. But we cannot expect anything similar … Read more

Rimac Nevera reports record fast charging, it has up to 333 kW

Rimac Nevera is a breathtaking Croatian electric car, which is supposed to be one of the most efficient electric supersports. In addition, the company’s founder and visionary Mate Rimac now intends to prove that it will also be the fastest-charging electric car. The billionaire on his Facebook account showed evidence that the charging speed of … Read more

Video: 2 million Rimac Nevera bids farewell to life in off-road adventure

Electric hypercar is undergoing safety testing for approval The safety testing process for homologation of a hypercar, it is well known, is not ‘easy thing’ to bear for those who see it, as it is subjecting a car, as a rule of thumb for most, to a tremendous degree of destruction. The objective is really … Read more

Rimac was caught in a muddy job before he was crushed

After some waiting, the first model of Rimac, originally known as C_Two, was unveiled this summer. Fridge. So the history of the Croatian manufacturer is barely half a year long, it has already broken into big laurels: in the meantime, Mate Rimac has also taken over the management of Bugatti, which has resulted in the … Read more