Nicolò Anselmi appointed bishop of Rimini, farewell to Genoa in tears

Genova. Monsignor Nicolo Anselmi61 years old, auxiliary bishop of Genoa and parish priest of Basilica of the Vineyardsis from today Bishop of Rimini. The news that soon “Don Nic”, as many call him, would soon have an archdiocese “his” had been anticipated a few months ago, the confirmation in the last few hours together with … Read more

Prefabricated wooden house, made to measure and technologically advanced, on the Rimini hills

Choosing a prefabricated wooden house today means opting for a fast and cost-effective solution, compared to traditional architecture, without precluding energy and comfort standards. The construction techniques are in fact now extremely performing, as well as the materials. All with a very high degree of customization of the final result. Villa Rachele, built on the … Read more

Elections, the proportional colleges give the Rimini territory two other parliamentarians: Spinelli and Croatti

The seats allocated to multi-member constituencies, based on the proportional system, came out on Monday evening. It is therefore possible to define the complete picture of those elected in Romagna. The three Romagna provinces, we recall, in the Chamber are located in a large college together with the province of Ferrara, while in the Senate … Read more

Rimini, strong wind like a hurricane, there is damage; the video is impressive »

Meteo Chronicle Direct: Rimini, strong wind like a hurricane, there is damage; the video is awesome Article dated 09/25/2022 ore 18:17 from Marco Castelli Meteorologist A strong windstorm with Category 1 hurricane gusts caused extensive damage along the shorelines. The Video above.

Commerce, school, energy: the verification of the statements of politicians at the Rimini meeting

On 23 August, some leaders and prominent exponents of the main parties came compared at the Rimini Meeting, organized by the Catholic movement Communion and Liberation. The guests present they were: the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta; the president of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni; the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini; … Read more

“The food emergency does not exist”. Bordata at the Rimini Meeting – Il Tempo

“This Meeting has chosen the food emergency among its themes but the food emergency does not exist”. The correspondent of the Corriere della Sera Federico Rampini hits hard on the title chosen by the Rimini 2022 event that hosts the party leaders on stage. The journalist, expert in geopolitics and in connection with the Rete4 … Read more

Elections, direct – At the Rimini Meeting, an assault on citizenship income, from Meloni to Rosato. The Fdi leader: “I think I can lead a government without bosses”

23 Ago 202222:20 Salvini: “Cancel the Fornero law with the money of the DRC” “Among the things to do if we win is to cancel that infamy of the Fornero law. The unions have estimated that one billion would be needed, well one billion is: the citizen’s income costs 9 billion, maybe you just need … Read more

what they said at the Rimini meeting

Eventually the long-awaited confrontation between Giorgia Meloni ed Enrico Letta there has already been. The setting, however, is not a television studio, but the meeting of Rimini 2022. On the stage of Communion and liberation in fact, between digs on presidentialism and sport, and notable differences of views, for more than two hours the leader … Read more

the Rest of the Carlino | Hotel Gobbi scam in Rimini, “damages for 800 thousand euros” – Chronicle

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Nightmare hotel in Rimini: “Lost deposits, tourists without room” – Chronicle

Rimini, 28 July 2022 – Nightmare hotel with deposits that disappear towards Ireland and tourists that are seen without room and with no one to answer the phone. It is not a phenomenon, but a single case that sees every day from 5 to 7 protests to the headquarters of Federalberghi Rimini. “It has been … Read more