[Biografi Tokoh Dunia] Jack the Ripper, the mysterious killer figure of the 19th century page all

KOMPAS.com – Jack the Ripper terrorized London in 1888, killing at least 5 women and mutilating them in an unusual manner, demonstrating his knowledge of human anatomy. His figure is still becoming mystery, has never been arrested or exposed. However, he was one killer figure from English which is famous in the world to this … Read more

The ″ Yorkshire Ripper ″ that terrorized the north of England dies | Europe | DW

The so-called “Yorkshire Ripper”, Peter Sutcliffe, a British serial killer who murdered and dismembered 13 women in the north of England between 1975 and 1980, has died at the age of 74, report this Friday (11/13/2020). British media. The sadistic criminal, who mutilated the bodies of his victims, is currently serving a life sentence for … Read more

The ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ who terrorized the north of England dies

One of the worst criminals in UK history, Peter Sutcliffe, dubbed the “Yorkshire Ripper” for the murder of 13 women and sentenced to life imprisonment, died on Friday, the British Justice Department announced. Sutcliffe had recently been diagnosed with covid-19 but refused all treatment, according to the British press. The 74-year-old man suffered from other … Read more

Jack the Ripper is still in fashion | Elementary Blog

About no murderer in history has been written as much as about Jack the Ripper. Neither in such an outlandish or conspiracy way. How many women did he actually kill? Who was? Was there a single killer? These are questions that go a long way, especially in that dark White Chapel in London at the … Read more